Convo with Mr. James: “Energy”

Mr. James is a Korean National who is living here in the Philippines.  He is a missionary and a traditional medicine doctor.  I’ve known him for a while now.  He is a kind person and he tells me a lot of things about life and health.  He has been giving me various advises about how to improve my health the natural way.  That’s why I decided to share to all of you the things that he tells me everyday. 😉

This morning he asked me if I know anything about cars. I said that I know a little. Then, he asked me which will make the car function well: a full tank car or a half-full tank car.  I confidently said: the full tank car, but he said “WRONG”.  When a car is filled with gasoline it becomes heavier.  Therefore, a heavy car needs more energy to function. And the half-full tank car is lighter making it function well. It also doesn’t require much energy to run.

I didn’t know where he was going with our conversation but he said it was the same with people.  If we eat a lot we become heavier and if we are heavy then we need more energy to move.  Little movements would even require more energy that’s why be get easily tired.  But if we eat normally and healthily we wouldn’t become fat therefore moving would be easier and less energy is consumed.

If we have already become fat and heavy, how do we get the right weight?  He said we need to EXERCISE.  Just like a car, if its full you need to use it and consume the gasoline. Human beings need to burn all our fats to become better. Mr James said that it won’t be easy but we have to try and try.  Exercising is not easy especially to those who are not used to it.  Doing it little by little everyday will help a lot.  I agreed to him and told him that I am trying my best to exercise everyday.

By the way, Mr. James is in his late forties and he can do 5,000 jumping ropes three times a day.   He said that exercising is his way of de-stressing and meditating.  He always feels better after he exercises.

So, let us not forget that we control our body and what will happen to our body is up to us.  If we want a long and healthy life then we have to live a healthy life.  I’m struggling about exercising but I am really trying hard.  Currently, I do sit ups, push ups and jumping imaginary rope.  I can only jump a maximum of continuous 150 jumps.  I think it would take me a while to reach a thousand.  Let’s not rush and take it slowly coz’ our body is not a machine.

Gotta end this now coz’ I still need to exercise. 😉  See you next time.


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