Davao Coffee Shop: Coffee Club 101

Coffee Club 101 is one of the many coffee shops in SM City Davao. It is located in the Annex building. The only reason I tried and found this coffee shop is because Starbucks was always full. I always wanted to stay in Starbucks everytime I am in SM, but most of the time it’s really hard to find a vacant seat there.  😉  That’s why I tried Coffee Club coz’ they had a lot of vacant seats. The place is really cozy and quiet.  I also love how they have TV inside the coffee shop.

Coffee Club 101

If you want a comfy place to stay when you are in SM, visit this place.  They don’t always have a lot of customers, so I’m pretty sure you’d find a vacant seat when you visit them. 😉

Coffee Club 101 Coffee Club 101

Their ice blended coffee is just so-so, but I love their hot durian coffee. 😉

My Rating (out of 5) : coffeecoffeecoffee

5 thoughts on “Davao Coffee Shop: Coffee Club 101

    • No probs Jenine… 😉

      There are a lot of coffee shops in Davao. I decided to post the different coffee shops that I’ve been. hehehe

      I’ll be following your wordpress account. I love reading blogs esp from a fellow davaoeno. 😉


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