Fagioli is one of the well designed coffee shops in Davao.  I love the design of this shop.  Fagioli is located at Ground Floor, Landco Corporate Center, JP Laurel Avenue, Davao City.  Fagioli is the Italian term for beans.  According to their facebook page the interior has a charming rustic, shabby chic w/ lightly cozy warm modernize concept.

Fagioli Coffee Club, Davao

Fagioli Coffee Club, Davao

Fagioli Coffee Club, Davao


Fagioli Coffee Club, Davao


Fagioli Coffee Club, Davao

The place is lovely but the coffee is not as lovely.  I have only tried Ciocco Banana and I was not impressed.  I am not sure if it was only that day when I first visited them or that’s how they really do their thing.  Maybe they still have other good things to try.  I am planning to go back and give them a chance. 😉  I hope they’d serve me yummy coffee ~ real coffee.

If you are from Davao and you want to try something new, you might as well visit them.  They’re in the center of the city, so going there won’t be a problem.  A taste in coffee can be subjective. What might not be delicious to me could be delicious to you.. So give them a try and enjoy the place.

Fagioli Coffee Club, Davao

Ciocco Banana



Fagioli Coffee Club, Davao


My Rating (out of 5): coffeecoffeecoffee


3 thoughts on “Davao Coffee Shop: FAGIOLI COFFEE CLUB

  1. I really like your coffee shop series – and the shot of you at the table is awesome. I also love the bricks and wooden art this place has hanging up – and Jay- you are capturing some beautiful modern day scenes here – just really highlighting the modern feel of the coffee shop evolutions – so nice.

      • wellt hanks so much for saying that – and I am sorry to have been away for a while – I am still finding my groove for blogging in general – because as I know you know – the fun of blogging is not just posting – it is also soaking up other bloggers takes on life – and I was actually thinking of you earlier this week when I updated some of my older posts – and then seeing your gravatar not he room post was like – yes! but I am glad we still stay connected – and I enjoyed getting caught up on some of your posts from June – muy bueno!!!

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