Carmen’s Garden Bistro

Carmen's Garden Bistro

     Last Friday (May 30, 2014), I was one of the Davao Bloggers who got invited to attend the Bloggers Dinner of Carmen’s Garden Bistro at Ping Low Building, Quirino Avenue, Davao City.  It is located across from Java Jive.  You’d easily notice the restaurant because of its signage.

Carmen's Garden Bistro

     I was one of the the first few bloggers who arrived early. I always make sure to attend events on time. I am not close with the other bloggers that’s why I want to be always on time coz’ it would be more awkward if I came in late. hahaha

      The program started late that’s why we had enough time to talk with each other.  I got to meet and talk to new bloggers.  Among all the bloggers in the event, our group was the loudest and the most fun.  😀

Carmen's Garden Bistro

Mommy Verna, Olan, Karla, Lea, Kevin & Me

Carmen's Garden Bistro

      We were welcomed by their manager and he also led a prayer before we started our gastronomical feast.  These are the dishes that were served during the event:

Carmen's Garden Bistro

Garden Salad – p175 (single plate)

Carmen's Garden Bistro

French Onion Soup – P145 (3-4 pax)

Carmen's Garden Bistro

Kalderetang Baka – P370

Carmen's Garden Bistro

Traditional Italian Paella – P727 (family: 6-8 pax)  P1,129 (fiesta: 10-15pax)


Carmen's Garden Bistro

Porter Steak – P600                    Sidings: mixed vegies/french fries/mashed potato/rice


Chorizo Pasta – P147 (regular)   P345 (family)

Carmen's Garden Bistro

Kinilaw na Malasugue – P195

Carmen's Graden Bistro

Chocolate mousse, Choco fundant, Cheesecake 

      After the food was served everyone became busy doing their tasks.  Some took pictures of the food while others were busy talking.

Carmen's Garden Bistro

Carmen's Garden Bistro

Carmen's Garden Bistro

      There were also musicians playing songs for us. However, there were times when we couldn’t hear them well because of the noise.  They weren’t also using any sound system.  We couldn’t also see them properly coz’ they were performing at the far end part of the restaurant. 😉

Carmen's Garden Bistro

Here are my observations:

1.  They have good chairs and tables.  I love the design of their chairs and tables but the chairs are too heavy and you just can’t easily carry it.  I laso love the ceiling. It’s so colorful.

2.  Our table is too small for a group of six.  Some of us could have transferred but we had so much fun being with each other that’s why we stayed at the same table.

3.  The waiters are not prepared for an event like this.  It seemed like it was their first time.  They didn’t know how to serve properly.  They didn’t even know the correct order of the food (appetizer, main dish, dessert).  One thing that some of them did that made it okay for me was their SMILE.  If you know how to smile at customers then it will lighten the mood of your customers.

4.  My favorite dishes were the French Onion Soup, Porter Steak, and Chorizo Pasta.

5.   I am not saying that the other dishes were not delicious, but they taste ordinary.  You can easily find them at different restaurants.  I think the most important thing you have to make sure when you open a restaurant is to have a signature taste.  A taste that customers won’t find anywhere else. 😉

Overall, I think Carmen’s Garden Bistro is still a good place to visit.  I have seen their menu and they’re affordable.  Their prices are similar to other decent restaurants in the city.  If you want to know more about Carmen’s, please visit their facebook page.

Carmen's Garden Bistro Carmen's Garden Bistro


3 thoughts on “Carmen’s Garden Bistro

  1. wonderful post!! I totally love the shot of the bloggers with their cameras – that says it all – but your summary of the night was great too (….gastronomical feast. – ha) and really liked the people and food shots – looks like a great time – have a nice week….

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