Sea Green Cafe and Lifestyle Shop

Are you familiar with DFAT? It’s Davao Food Appreciation Tour. The Davao Food Appreciation Tour is the first, longest-running, and most anticipated food and travel event by bloggers for bloggers. This year different bloggers visited different restaurants around the city from May 16 to 19. I am not part of the DFAT team but luckily I was invited on the last day of the tour. This Monday the team went to Sea Green Café & Lifestyle Shop to have lunch.

I was the first to arrive in the café and I was greeted by the owner ~ Ms. Camille. I have already been to Sea Green but I haven’t blogged about it yet coz’ I wasn’t able to bring my camera during that time. That’s why I made sure to bring my camera this time.

 Let me bring you to Sea Green Cafe…

Sea Green Cafe & Lifestyle Shop

Sea Green Cafe & Lifestyle Shop

Sea Green Cafe & Lifestyle Shop

Luckily there weren’t any people around that’s why I was able to take pictures of the cafe.  When the other bloggers arrived, we seated at a designated place and Ms. Camille presented us the menu.

Sea Green Cafe & Lifestyle Shop

After a few minutes of waiting and cooking here comes the FOOD…

Sea Green Cafe & Lifestyle Shop

The Appetizer. This is the Roasted Pumpkin Soup.  It tasted okay but it was a bit salty and spicy for me. 😀

Sea Green Cafe & Lifestyle Shop

The Main Course. We were given two choices for our main course.  The first one is Thai Fish Cakes with Cilantro Rice. I didn’t choose this coz’ I’m not a fan of fish.  However, another blogger gave me a piece of his Thai fish cake and it was delicious. A piece of it was not enough. 😉 Maybe, the next time I visit Sea Green I would order this dish.

Sea Green Cafe & Lifestyle Shop

This is what I chose ~ Tomato Mozarella Penne. Since I’m a pasta lover and I also love Sea Green’s Creamy Pesto Veg Linguini, I thought I should try this dish.  Sea Green never fails to impress me with their pasta dishes.  This pasta dish is perfect for those who love tomato based pasta. I love the combination of tomato and mozarella.  But still, Creamy Pesto Veg Linguini is my favorite. 😉

Sea Green Cafe & Lifestyle Shop

Dessert.  We were given a simple dessert. The presentation was not enticing but just wait till you taste it.  It’s called Dark Chocolate Pudding with Fresh Strawberries.

Sea Green Cafe & Lifestyle Shop

I love the Dark Chocolate Pudding but the strawberries were a bit sour for me.  I just love sweets that’s why I just didn’t like the strawberries. I like strawberry-flavored desserts/food/drinks but not the fruit, maybe because I haven’t tried eating a sweet strawberry yet.  The dark chocolate pudding is good for those people who are sweet-conscious.  Not too sweet but heavenly!  😉

Sea Green Cafe is a perfect place for those who wanted to try something different, healthy and delicious.  If you also want to be away from crowded restaurants and just want to have a good time with yourself or with friends then this place is best for you.  Sea Green is located at Circumferential Road, Dona Vicenta Village.  You will surely love the place coz’ it’s a cozy place and they play nice music. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sea Green Cafe and Lifestyle Shop

  1. mmmmm – the photos you gave are wonderful highlight of this place – I like all the chairs lined up with that soft sea foam green (as you noted) and the food – your pictures grab the yum my friend. 🙂 so nice.
    Hope you are having a great week JazperJay!

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