Only in Davao: TaxiOke

Yesterday I took a taxi from Abreeza to Davao Crocodile Park to attend Jollibee’s Family Bee Day 2014.   The taxi that I took surprised me. First, it was weird to ride a taxi that has Hello Kitty’s picture on it. hahaha

Komiko Taxi



However, what was more surprising was the inside of this taxi.  A VIDEOKE!  I’ve been hearing about a taxi that has videoke inside but it was my first time to see and experience it.  The Driver was also very accommodating.  He is very proud of his taxi. I asked him several questions about his taxi.  He said that there are only taxis like this in Davao. One is his and second taxi is his neighbor’s. He also said that he has been interviewed already by a local TV program.  He told me that the reason why he put a videoke in his taxi is to ease the boredom he feels everytime he drives.

Komiko Taxi Driver

While on our way to Crocodile Park, he sang a few lines of a song.  Don’t get us wrong, he wasn’t singing while driving. There was a little traffic that’s why he managed to grab the mic and sing. 😉

Davao Taxioke

His videoke has two mics and a songbook.  So, a duet is possible while travelling. 😀

Davao Taxioke Davao Taxioke

Before we reached our destination, we picked up a friend of mine near Robinsons Highlands.  When she got in the taxi, she was also surprised and took the mic and sing. 😉

Davao Taxioke

Manong Driver chose a song for her so as not to waste time looking for one.  He chose “Because of You”.  Emily sang it with confidence and before we reached our destination she finished the song and was given a grade of….

Taxioke of Davao

This taxi is very entertaining. I asked the driver why the other taxis in Davao didn’t copy him.  He said the other taxis chose to put mini TV screens to earn more by advertising.  They don’t want to copy him because they won’t earn anything instead their earnings would somehow decrease.  He just want to enjoy while driving. He is happy to see customers become happy too.  Kudos to you Manong driver for being so innovative and for making customer satisfaction your priority.  So guys, if you see KOMIKO taxi don’t hesitate to call the driver’s attention and take the ride of a lifetime.  Experience “Taxi + Videoke = TaxiOke” in Davao City.  😉

Davao Taxioke


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