Davao Bloggers Society: An Acquaintance Party to Remember

Davao Bloggers Society is an organization of different bloggers in Davao region. I found out about this organization last year when I attended the SM Lanang – Vikings Bloggers event.   It was the first event when I first met other bloggers. I was surprised to know that there is an association of Bloggers in the city.   It was Algene who invited me to be part of their facebook group.  I was hesitant at first to join their events coz’ I was not an official member yet.  However, I tried joining a few events. 😉 I actually had fun joining those events.   The first event I joined was the SB Cheer Party 2013, then it was followed by the Callalily Mall Tour and the last one was the Sarap Diva Taping.  I have also met a lot of bloggers during those events. Meeting different kinds of bloggers made me realize that blogging is really for everyone.  I also admire how these bloggers value each other. That’s why I decided to join this group. Sometimes we have to open other doors and meet different people.  In my blog I have already met a lot of good people from around the world and I love talking to them through the comment sections of our posts.  But meeting people personally and talking to them about the things that you like is heartening. It develops you as a person and somehow makes you a better one.  I also get advice from veteran bloggers which somehow helps me improve my blogging skills and style.

My Blog is called the Lone Traveller coz’ I always go out and travel alone. I go to coffee shops alone, I shop alone, I watch movies alone, etc.  You might laugh at me but these things keep my sanity intact. When you work everyday and encounter different kinds of stress, you just want a different life after work.  You want to do things that you don’t do at work. You want to talk to people that you don’t see and talk to everyday. You want to have time with yourself ~ that’s what I have always wanted. And I hope that somehow being a part of Davao Bloggers Society would allow me to explore a different kind of world and meet new people.  😀

Anyway, enough with the emo side of me and let’s talk about Our Acquaintance Party.

On April 12, 2014 bloggers around Davao City gathered at Bucket Shrimps Davao located at the Metrolifestyle Complex to celebrate blogging and the bloggers.   On this day as well they inducted the new sets of officers for the year 2014-2015.  When I arrived at around 5:30PM I was asked to register and pay a fee.  I was a bit nervous when I went in coz’ I felt alone.  I seated at an empty table.   A few minutes had past and I started noticing familiar faces and they also noticed me.  It helped me became at ease when they waved and said hi to me.  One by one bloggers came and my table became full.  I started chitchatting with them and I got to know some of them.  Most bloggers at our table are veterans already in the organization.  I think I was the only newbie at our table. 😉

Here are the pictures and summary of what had happened during our acquaintance party:

Induction on Officers


Even during the induction of officers they were still having fun.  It only shows that these people are full of positive vibes. 😉

DBS Acquaintance Party

After the induction of officers, the current president  Andrew dela Serna gave a message. 🙂

Former DBS President

Former President Dulce Rose Lada gave a short message for everyone.

DBS Acquaintance Party

We were also served with great food.   As you can see, we all have empty dishes. 😀

DBS Acquaintance Party

The night was full of surprises.  Since Krispy Kreme was one of the sponsors, those who arrived early at the party were given a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.   It really pays to be always on time or in this case ahead of time.  😉

DBS Acquaintance Party 2014

Krispy Kreme didn’t just give us 30 boxes of doughnuts for the early birds but they also gave us extra boxes of doughnuts for everyone. Thank you so much Krispy Kreme for supporting the Davao Bloggers Society.

DBS Acquaintance Party

DBS Acquaintance Party

Since it was our acquaintance party, we were asked to introduce ourselves and tell something about our our blogs.   Getting to know each other was the main purpose of this event.  I am glad I got to meet and know different bloggers.

DBS Acquaintance Party

What made the night more enjoyable was the Trivia Game.  We were divided into 5 teams.  Team Baton Twirlers, Team PowerPoof (my team), Team Bangan, Team Dyosa, Barbie & Friends and Team Awesome.  Questions were about our sponsors, current events and TV shows.  Here are the final scores:

Powerpoof – 16 pts

Team Bangan – 17 pts

Baton Twirlers – 20 pts

Team Dyosa – 24 pts

Team Awesome – 25 pts

Congratulations to Team Awesome for winning this game.  They won P2,000 but decided to donate it to the fire victims of Barangays 22C and 23C.  Kudos to you guys! You are indeed awesome! 😀


DBS Acquaintance Party 2014 DBS Acquaintance Party 2014 DBS Acquaintance Party 2014 DBS Acquaintance Party 2014 DBS Acquaintance Party 2014

This event should be remembered always that’s why we made sure to have photos taken of all the participants.  I am really proud to be part of this group. 😀

During the event, we were asked to post pictures through facebook, twitter or instagram using different hashtags and those posts would serve as our raffle entries.  They gave away freebies from Smart Communications, gift certificates from My Skin Origins and Bucket Shrimps, freebies and round trip tickets from Cebu Pacific and Overnight hotel accommodation from Tune Hotel Davao Luckily, I won P300 GC from Bucket Shrimps.  And for the post event, DBS will be giving away Cebu Pacific Roundtrip ticket to DVO-MNL-DVO, overnight accommodation for 2 at Banana Beach Resort and overnight accommodation for 2 at any Tune Hotels in the Philippines.  A lot of bloggers were happy because of the prizes but I think a lot will also be eager to join the post event contest.

The happiest blogger of the night is none other than this girl:


Congratulations Ms. Dawn Villahermosa!

She won Cebu Pacific round trip tickets “Davao-Bacolod-Davao”

The Davao Bloggers Acquaintance Party 2014 was made possible because of the help of our sponsors.  Some of them came and joined us in the event.  Thank you very much for supporting the event and the group.

DBS Acquaintance Party 2014

Krispy Kreme 

DBS Acquaintance Party 2014

My Skin Origins

My Skin Origins

DBS Acquaintance Party 2014

Smart Communications

I enjoyed the  night and hope that it would be the beginning of new friendships.  Like what C.S. Lewis said Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” 



Thank you Davao Bloggers Society for making me part of your group. See you at the upcoming events!

Here is the full list of our sponsors that night (click the logo to visit their Fb page):

Banana Beach

Tune Hotels


Bucket Shrimps

Smart Communications

Cebu Pacific Air

My Skin Origins

Krispy Kreme

Davao Bloggers Acquaintance Party

If you want to receive updates from Davao Bloggers please check our facebook page, follow us on instagram and twitter by searching @davaobloggers.

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