Heart Spring in Governor Generoso

Today is Good Friday and we don’t have work.  I am currently staying in our province.  That’s three to four hours ride by bus from Davao City.  Earlier today my sister’s friend invited her to visit his place.  Her friend was bragging about a spring resort in the middle of the mountains.   My sister wanted me to go with her and I also got curious that’s why I came along.  We just rode a motorcycle from our town to my sister’s friend’s town.  It took us two hours to reach our destination. I haven’t ridden a motorcycle for a while that’s why I was also hesitant but the ride was great.  The road to Governor Generoso is already okay but when we reached Tibanban, the way to the spring was a little rough.

These are the pictures I took when we got there:

Heart SpringHeart SpringHeart SpringHeart SpringHeart SpringHeart SpringHeart SpringHeart Spring

The place is actually okay. I didn’t know that they have a place like this.  I was surprised to see the beauty surrounding the pools.  This place is perfect for those who just live nearby.  If you are from the city, this place is quite far and not really that amazing.  They still need to develop a lot of things.  But what they have now is a good start.  Davao Oriental is slowly developing and people are being creative when it comes to having a resort.  Davao Oriental has some of the best beaches in the country especially that some of those beaches are facing the pacific ocean.  But Heart Spring in Governor Generoso is different.  Its water comes from a spring that’s why it’s a little cold.  😉  What I love most about this place is the beautiful scenery surrounding us.  The coconut trees, the mountains, the clouds, the grass, the flowers are so relaxing.  If you live nearby or if you are up for an adventure and want to relax, come and visit Heart Spring in Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental.

Governor Generoso


4 thoughts on “Heart Spring in Governor Generoso

  1. thhis is one of theca coolest pools Ihave ever seen = heart shaped and turquoise water – oh baby! and you are right – beauty all around. Have a nice weekend and Happy Easter Jazper Jay!!!

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