Sayawan sa Da’n 2014

If Kadayawan Festival has Indak Indak sa Dalan, the Araw ng Davao has Sayawan sa Dalan.  This year, we have 7 contestants from different schools around the city.  The event started at 1:ooPM last Saturday (March 16).  When I arrived there, the program had already started.

Sayawan sa Dalan 2014

I tried not to waste time and took pictures of the dancers from different schools.  Most of them are elementary students.  The children are so cute in their costumes and props.  I admire these children for being participative in this kind of competition.  I also salute the parents for allowing their children to join this event.  This kind of event is not easy especially for young children.

Sayawan sa Dalan 2014

They have to dance and walk around the city.   They have to look good and perform well.  They should not show tiredness coz’ the judges are just anywhere looking at them.  So, they should be in their best forms always.

Sayawan sa Dalan 2014

What I like about this event is that the performers are so energetic and are always ready to pose everytime you point your camera to them.

Sayawan sa Dalan 2014

I also would like to acknowledge the city government of Davao for implementing a tight security in this year’s Araw ng Davao.  You would actually notice that policemen are everywhere.  If you want to enter the main street (which is San Pedro Street, policemen would try to check your bags to make sure that no one is carrying any deadly weapons.

Sayawan sa Dalan 2014

The policemen are always on alert level.  They never take their eyes off the people around the city.  Good job guys!

Sayawan sa Dalan 2014

The sayawan sa dalan is being judged in two ways, the street performance and their grand performance in front of the city hall.  They also have different sets of judges.  In the picture above, you can see the people eagerly waiting for the grand performance to start.  I was lucky enough to secure a sticker pass from the city hall so that I can freely enter area anytime and take pictures. 😀

Sayawan sa Dalan 2014

When the grand performance started, all of us were so excited and happy to see the performers.

Sayawan sa Dalan 2014

The contestants wore their best and colorful costumes.  You can see in the eyes of these children how passionate they are when they perform.

Sayawan sa Dalan 2014

In Davao city we don’t discriminate gender. You may join the contest whoever you are ~ girl, boy, gay, lesbian.  Davao city is a city for all ages and genders.

Sayawan sa Dalan 2014

Some performers did excellent acrobatic moves just to get the judges attention.  But sometimes, it is not about how difficult your moves are but how graceful you danced.

Sayawan sa Dalan 2014

There is this one group that gave their 100% when they performed.  You can see it in their performance that they are happy dancing and performing.  All of their dancers gave their best and you can see it in the result of their performance.

Sayawan sa Dalan 2014

There are also schools that just sent representatives and just wanted to have fun.  They did not join the contest to win but to enjoy.  I adore these kids for joining and having fun.

Sayawan sa Dalan 2014

After the seven contestants danced, it was time to announce the winners.  Everbody were so excited to know the winners.  They should be coz the winners actually got

Champion – P100,000

1st runner up – 75,000

2nd runner – 50,000

non winners – P10,000

Sayawan sa Dalan 2014

When the Grand Champion was announce this group was so happy. I also think they deserve it. Like I said above, all of them gave their best and it showed in their performance.

Sayawan sa Dalan 2014

From start to finish, this group showed consistency.   Congratulations to Quezon Elementary School!


See you next year guys! I hope to take better pictures too.


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