Sarap Diva sa Araw ng Davao 2014

I was very lucky to be invited as one of the five bloggers to be part of Sarap Diva’s taping in Davao yesterday (March 15).  Sarap Diva is a Philippine Cooking show/talk show created by GMA Network. The show is hosted by singer-actress, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid and aired every Saturday morning, before the network’s afternoon variety show, Eat Bulaga.

Since it’s Araw ng Davao, Sarap Diva decided to have a taped episode here in Davao.  We were told that the taping would be at Java Jive Cafe and would start at 7:00PM.  Before Regine arrived, I was able to take some pictures of the cafe.  I love coffee and I’ve been to different coffee shops in Davao City but it was my first time there.  I was surprised to see the interiors of the cafe.  I also got to meet the other bloggers of Davao Bloggers Society (Nap, Rovie & Lovely). It was also my first time to meet them. 😀

Sarao Diva in Davao

Sarao Diva in Davao

As you can see, the ceiling is decorated by piano keyboard keys.  It’s very artistic, fits perfectly with its cafe name  Java Jive.

Sarao Diva at Java Jive

This is their bar, this is where the first scene of Regine and Dennis was taken. 😉

SarapDiva (17)

They have very cozy chairs too.

It was my first time to be part of a TV show taping that’s why I was so excited.  Dennis Trillo is Regine’s guest for this episode.  He arrived first and rested for a while. When Regine arrived, the staff immediately prepared the area and put up the equipment.  Like I mentioned above, the first scene was at the counter/bar.

SarapDiva (5) Sarao Diva in Davao

Regine Velasquez is undoubtedly a very talented artist.  She didn’t need any written script on the set.  When Direk Treb started shooting, Regine was very spontaneous.  She knew all her lines, though there were a few instructions written on Manila paper to help her in the sequencing of the topics that she and Dennis were talking about.  During this part, they were trying to taste the famous “Durian Macchiato” of Java Jive.  Regine admittedly said that she doesn’t drink coffee.  When she tried the coffee, she liked it.  As for me, I both love Durian and Coffee.  😀

It was really a learning experience for me while watching them taped this episode.  I didn’t know that it involved a lot of people to tape an episode like this.  Everyone were so busy doing their things and all I could do was stare and be amazed.

Sarap Diva in Davao
While Regine and Dennis were talking ~ waiting for the Durian Macchiato.
Sarap Diva in Davao
The cameraman was serious;y doing his job.
Sarap Diva in Davao
Here are some of the instructions written on a piece of manila paper while the camera was rolling.
Sarap Diva in Davao
Direk Treb was closely monitoring the shots on a small TV screen.
Sarap Diva in Davao
A small TV screen used in monitoring the shots. 😀

When we watch a show like this on TV we often focus our attentions to the actors and actresses in the show but there are also people behind the camera who do extraordinary things to make this show amazing.  I salute those people behind the camera, they don’t get much attention and credits but they are still doing their best.

Regine is a natural comedienne.  When the camera wasn’t rolling, she talked to anyone in the set and cracked some jokes.  When she laughs, it made everybody laugh too.  She didn’t care if she sounded too loud.  She is a funny person.  No wonder her defunct primetime TV series ~ DIVA was doing really well.  

Anyway,  after they finished the first part of the taping, the staff prepared the mini stage.  It’s time to hear the songbird sings.

Sarap Diva in Davao Sarap Diva in Davao

Regine and Dennis rehearsed first before starting to roll the camera.  They sang a few songs then the director gave us instructions on what to do.  Since we were seated near the stage, we were not allowed to take pictures nor video.  We were told to keep looking at Regine or Dennis coz’ the camera is just behind us. Regine sang first, then she called in Dennis to sing.  After Dennis sang, Regine returned to the stage and sang “On the WIngs of Love”.  No one can sing this song better than Regine.  I am so happy that I was able to hear her sing this song live.  After singing, she thanked everyone.  Direk Treb then went to the stage to take some videos of the audience.  That was a funny experience.  Hahaha.  I am not sure if that shot would be included in the airing of this episode.

Sarap Diva in Davao

This is the man behind Sarap Diva ~ Direk Treb Monteras together with the members of Davao Bloggers Society.

We sure enjoyed the night with Regine Velasquez and Dennis Trillo.  However,  my heart was broken coz’ we were not able to have a picture taken with Regine. 😦  We were told that she would only eat then we can have a picture taken with her. Unfortunately, the staff got too busy and forgot to tell Ms. Regine.  It was sad but I still hope that I would get that chance to have a picture taken with the one and only Regine Velasquez.

If you wanna see this episode of Sarap Diva, please watch Sarap Diva every Saturday at 9:40AM.  For updates, you may follow them on


twitter @SarapDiva

instagram @sarapdiva

And for updates about Regine Velasquez, you may follow her:

twitter @reginevalcasid

instagram @reginevalcasid

facebook official Page

4 thoughts on “Sarap Diva sa Araw ng Davao 2014

    • Thanks Ms. Y.

      Regine Velasquez is the most famous singer in the Philippines and i just hope that I would still get the chance to see her in the future. She is already considered a legend here. 🙂

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