My Starbucks Demitasse

I love the city and country tumblers/mugs of Starbucks.  They are far more superior and artistically made than the others.  That’s why I decided to collect their tumblers from anywhere in the world.  I love anything from Starbucks.  😀

My Demitasse collection started when a friend of mine gave me a set of Starbucks Demitasse from France on my birthday last year.  I find the demitasse cute, better than the mugs.  Not that I don’t like mugs but they easily get broken if I use them. lol  That’s why I prefer tumblers, they won’t break easily.  And the demitasse is a really good decoration. 😉

Starbucks France

I got my second set of demitasse from my travel in Macau.  I wanted to buy the tumbler but I couldn’t find a store which still has stocks.  They were sold out. wahhhhhhhhhh!  When I saw that the stores only have sets of demitasse, I decided to just buy one.

Starbucks Macau Demitasse

My third set of demitasse is from Manila earlier this year.  It was my gift for myself. hahaha I went to Manila for a pre-birthday treat. Since I love Starbucks, I went to a starbucks store in Libis and bought my new set of demitasse.


Starbucks Manila Demitasse

Now, I want to collect more sets of demitasse. So, if you want to make me happy, you already know what to give me. lol

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