Callalily at SM Lanang Premier

Callalily at SM Lanang

Last Sunday (Feb 02), bloggers were invited to attend the Callalily mall show at SM Lanang Premier.  I took this opportunity to be there and witness how Callalily would rock the place. This mall show was organized to promote their 4th album entitled ~ Flower Power and as part the of The Great 3 Day Sale at SM Lanang.  Flower Power was launched on October 13, 2012. It is their first album released under Universal Records.

Callalily at SM Lanang

I was the first blogger to arrive at the event.  I was welcomed by Ms. Acey from SM Lanang and was told to sit beside the stage.  I was totally overwhelmed by where I was seated. 😉 My location was too close and we were allowed to take pictures anywhere around the stage. Another blogger came (Jonas) to witness the event. When Callalily arrived, the audience started screaming.  This group has really amazing and die hard fans.  You can clearly see how the fans love Callalily.

callalily (3)

If shoppers wanted to watch and get the chance to meet and greet Callalily all they had to do was to buy the Flower Power album.  And guees what? A lot of them bought the album and watched the concert live! 😉 Watching Callalily perform was fascinating but seeing the reactions of the fans was far more enjoyable.

callalily (10)

Callalily at SM Lanang


What I like about Callalily is how they deal with their fans.  Kean in particular was very energetic and didn’t mind interacting with fans.  He even told the security personnel to let the fans get near the stage.  Without a second thought, the fans went wild and rushed to the stage. 😀  I love how he addressed his fans. He said “mga kaibigan ko lahat yan!”.  Kudos to Kean and the rest of Callalily.

Callalily at SM Lanang

Callalily at SM Lanang

There was also a time when Kean took one of the fans’ camera and took shots of everybody in his point of view.  That move was fascinating.  You can only imagine how thrilled the fan who owned that camera felt.  😀  It again shows how Kean and the rest of Callalily value their audience.  They wanted the audience to feel how much they also love them.

Callalily at SM Lanang


Perhaps we should also know the other members of Callalily.  Most of us know Kean as the vocalist and leader of the group.  He has somehow managed to switch from singing to acting and appeared in some TV shows and movies.  That’s why more people know him. 😉

Callalily at SM Lanang

Kean Cipriano – Vocals

Callalily at SM Lanang

Aaron Paul Ricafrente – Bass

callalily (7)

Tatsi Jamnaque – guitar

Callalily at SM Lanang

Lemuel Belaro – Drums

I did a little research and found out about how they got their band’s name.  The band started when Kean met Tatsi and became bandmates in highschool.  By the way, they didn’t get their name from a flower. Kean and Tatsi joined a Battle of the Bands in Pateros but their band didn’t have a name yet.  During rehearsals, Kean liked to eat a particular bread.  He asked the vendor what it was and was told that its “Callalily”.  It was only later that they came to know Callalily’s true meaning.  And the rest is what we always say ~ HISTORY! 😉

callalily (4)

This was Kean’s pose after singing his last song. 😉

and this is my favorite shot:

Callalily at SM Lanang

During the meet and greet I was very glad that I had the chance to have a picture taken with the group.  

Thank you to SM Lanang Premier for the invitation. 

DSC_2198 DSC_2200

Davaoenos!  If you want to see Callalily again please take note of the following dates and places:

February 15, 2014 (Saturday) @ Davao Waterfront Hotel – Colgate Fresh Jam songwriting workshop! To join, please click this link

March 07, 2014 (Friday) @ Matina Town Square – Callalily’s Major Concert in Davao


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