Cebu’s Best – Casa Verde

I stayed in Cebu for almost three years and Casa Verde is one of my favorite restaurants.  Casa Verde is also one of those sought after restos in the city.  You will usually have to wait for any vacant tables.  You can only imagine how many people go there to dine.  When I visited Cebu late last year, I made sure to eat there and experience their signature dishes once again.

Brianʼs Ribs

This is their most famous dish – the “Brian’s Ribs“.  This will only cost you P250 and the serving is huge.  You can actually share it if you want to.  The taste? Super! One of the best that I’ve tasted.  I love how tasty & sweet the sauce is, the meat is so tender that you feel like it melts in your mouth.  For 250 pesos, you’ve got more than what you’ve paid for. 😉

Casa Verde's 	          Ting-Tingʼs Tavern Shrimps Eight would be great if you ate...  Delicious butterflied and lightly crusted in breadcrumbs and fried ʻtil golden. Served with our own tartar sauce paired with harvest rice and seasoned vegetables.  Shrimp On The Barbie

When we ordered this, it was our first time to try. We wanted to try other dishes too coz’ most of the time we just ordered Brian’s Ribs.  This is called  Shrimp On The Barbie and this is only P248.  I guess the price is just right considering that shrimps nowadays are expensive.  The dish looks simple but its flavorful.  It was just cooked right and the presentation is also enticing.  This dish is perfect to those who just love seafoods. 😉

Casa Verde's Karlamari

We love calamaris and that’s why most of the time that we eat in a restaurant, we never fail to order this dish.  They call it here”Karlamari“.  This will only cost you P148.  It’s actually cheap considering that you are in a high-end restaurant.  😉  The calamaris is cooked just right and covered with flour in the right amount.  You can still taste the squid and it’s soft.  In a recipe like this, the most important thing is what’s inside not the coating.

We also ordered their bottomless iced tea for P75 and it tasted good.  Casa Verde never fails to impress me every time I visit any of their restaurants.  By the way, we ate at Casa Verde – IT Park.  I think they have fewer people there than their other branches.  So, you would only have to wait for a few minutes to get a seat and table. 😉

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

Weekly Photo Challenge : Threes This week’s photo challenge is perfect for me this month. February is supposed to be the “Love Month” but for an ESL teacher like me, this is a “Heart Breaking Month”.  Our students are usually from … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

Boracay Sunset

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

My greatest treasures are the memories of the places that I’ve been to.  These treasures will never be stolen from me.  This is also a reminder of how great our GOD is.   The picture above was taken at Boracay, Philippines ~ our country’s number one beach resort.  This is my favorite sunset pic. 😀

Singapore Chinese Garden

This was taken in 2010 when I first visited Singapore.  This is SG’s Chinese Garden located on the far end side of Singapore. 😉

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

This picture was taken in 2012 when I went to Puerto Princessa, Palawan.  This is the beach area of the Island where you will find one of the World’s Seven New Wonders of Nature ~ The Puerto Princessa Subterranean River.

The Basílica Menor del Santo Niño

The Basílica Menor del Santo Niño is found in Cebu City.  This is one of the Philippines’ old & historic churches.  Unfortunately this beautiful church was hit by the typhoon Yolanda.  The church’ bell tower collapsed but the city government is doing its best to restore it.