Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

Here in our city, firecrackers and fire works are not allowed.  Our city Mayor made a city ordinance prohibiting the use of firecrackers.  That’s why the people in Davao celebrate New Year with Torotots (party Blowers) and Party poppers.  Me and my family welcomed 2014 with a bang and TOOOT! 😉

happy New Year!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

When January 1st came I needed to say goodbye to my 2013 planner and welcome my 2014 planner.  A new Planner for a New Year. 😀






4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

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  2. now I did not know that Starbucks made planners – 😉 Guess they have lots of stuff at different times!
    – I hardly ever go there anymore, but back in the 90’s I actually bought a garden tool from a Starbucks – and it was so well made – I still have it in a garage bin! lol

    anyhow, loved your photos for the challenge – and I even learned a new word – learned that Torotots means party blower-

    • Hi Yvette. The Starbucks planner here in the Philippines is part of their Christmas Tradition. You have to collect 18 stickers to get the planner for free, which means drinking coffee 18 times. lol

      Maybe you should check your nearest Starbucks store, you might be surprised of what they have for you! 😀

      I’m glad that somehow you learned something from me. Anyway, our city attempted to break the Guinness World record for the most number of party blowers blown simultaneously. We got number but we still have to wait for the official announcement. 😀

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