Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

This weeks Photo Challenge is perfect for Christmas and the upcoming New Year.  During this season most of us are filled with Joy.  This is the time of the year when we try to forget all our problems and celebrate LIFE.  We often see JOY in the eyes of Children that’s why Christmas is really intended for children. This will also remind us that our Savior ~ Jesus Christ was once a child.  Here’s my photo for this week’s challenge.

joyThese children are part of a sea gypsy tribe in the Philippines called Badjao.  They are one of the few tribes left in the country.  They still live near the sea but they are now modernized which means that they have already adapted the city life.  These children are watching a play about the birth of Christ.  It seems like it was their first time seeing this kind of play.  My friends were the ones who acted in the play to inform them how Jesus came to earth.  I just love how they reacted while the play was on going.  Their eyes are full of innocence and joy.  They were so happy to see people perform in front of them.  JOY in the EYES of a CHILD is PRICELESS!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

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