My Little Bossings [Review]

My Little Bossings

I just got home from watching My Little Bossings and I just can’t stop myself from writing something about the movie.  Yesterday, I read a review about this movie saying that it is not a good movie but i would like to disagree.  I just want to enumerate the reasons why I love the movie.

  • Ryzza Mae Dizon – She is a STAR! No one can argue with it!  She shines on screen. Every time she appears on screen every one inside the theater laughs and giggles.
  • Bimby – I love the reaction of a little girl sitting behind me everytime Bimby appears. She kept on giggling and laughing at his scenes.  Bimby has become a royalty in the entertainment industry and seeing him do ordinary kids do in a movie is just CUTE!
  • Aizza – No wonder she got the Best Supporting Actress award.  Her scene with Vic when she thought Ryzza was gone is a tearjerker.
  • Bossing Vic – His charisma is forever!
  • Kris – she sometimes annoy me but Kris is Kris!  She is the perfect mother of Bimby. 😀
  • Jaclyn Jose – It was like seeing Madamme Charito Carbonnel once again.  I love her!
  • Kris Aquino – She may not have a lot of scenes in the movie but it was worth it.  I think seeing her less in the movie made the other stars shine.
  • The story of Vic and Aizza – I didn’t expect that the movie would have a twist like that.  Though it was predictable but it was heartwarming.  I like how Vic was so hard on Aizza and blamed her for the death of his wife.
  • Combination of Bimby and Ryzza – They are a perfect match.  I hope that there would really be a part two.  Or maybe a different movie about just the two of them.  They are a perfect example of how two different worlds meet.  They have proven that indeed opposites attract.  If there is gonna be part two I hope they would include a child love story between Bimby, a Sosyalera Girl, Ryzza and a Kanto Boy.  I think this would be hilarious. 😀  Bimby’s crush is back and ALing Maliit gets jealous.  Then Aling maliit goes to her Kanto Boy friend and Bimbly realizes how Ryzza is important to her and gets jealous when he sees her having fun with another boy. 😀  Cute!
  • Someone posted about how the movie try to promote different products, I find it cute and entertaining as well.  Sometimes it was annoying but as I have observed people laughed when they saw Ariel, Solmux, O+, Lucky Me, etc.  It was a good idea to put them in the movie coz it would add profit to the movie. lol
  • Ryzza’s isang tabo shower scene was hilarious.
  • Ryzza’s wasabe experience is so funny. I think it was not intentional coz’ she really cried.  Maybe she ate it without being informed what it was and the director just continued rolling the camera.  It was funny but I felt bad for Ryzza. Her naiveness is so cute.
  • I was surprised to see Bimby cry with real tears.
  • The acceptance of Aizza’s sexual preference by Vic is a brave attack of the writer and the director.  In a family oriented movie you rarely see gays and lesbians living happily together with a family.  This movie should have won the Most Gender Sensitive film.

We all have our own preference when we watch a movie.  I am the kind of person who gives importance to the story rather than the star factor.  I don’t care who stars the movie as long as it’s a good one.  Appreciating a movie is subjective. What might be beautiful to me may not be beautiful to you.  I like this movie and that is just my opinion.  Let’s support the Filipino Films.

My Little Bossings

7 thoughts on “My Little Bossings [Review]

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  2. nice review, Mr. Lone Traveller, unlike the one I read from Rappler review by zig marasigan, all were negative as if he really hates personally all the cast of the movie, he did not consider the awards got by Ryzza Mae and Aizza Seguerra.

    • Thanks Helen. I also read some of the reviews and I find it too personal. Sabi nila walang kwenta daw e ang nice kaya ng message ng movie. Maybe they need to watch the movie first, baka hindi pa napanuod at nauna lang ang review.

    • The storyline and plot may have been deep but the movie failed to scratch beneath the surface, This movie represents everything wrong with the Philippine movie industry. There is a reason why advertisements bombard local TV stations, however, a movie to be riddled with preposterous product placements ungraciously presented and not incorporated into the storyline is just plain greed. Sickening beyond belief.

      • I get your point Diane. Somehow the ad placement was too much. But when I watched it with my cousins, all i wanted was to be entertained. I know for a fact that Vic’s movies are not meant to win any awards but just to entertain. I think thats also the reason why people keep watching it.

        A lot of wrong things can be said about Bossing’s movie but more than that I am glad that my cousin went home really happy. (it was her first time to watch a movie in the theater and she loves Ryzza)

        Seeing a child happy after watching a movie is priceless. I will still go for that! 😀

        God Bless the movie industry. I would also want to see our industry level up. But if we keep pulling each other down, then we wont be able to go anywhere. 😀

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