Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected



When I went to Hongkong two weeks ago I saw these garbage and was shocked.  Before I went there I was under the impression that Hongkong is a clean and progressive country.  When I got there I was really impressed by their buildings.  It was really different compared to what we have here in Davao City, Philippines.  I was totally in awe until such time that I got to see this.  I realized that Hongkong is just like other countries.  They also have negative sides.  There are no perfect countries.  We may have dream countries to go to but those countries have their own reality that we just don’t know yet.

Like me, it was a dream to go to Hongkong coz’ I’ve already heard a lot of good things about the it.  Hongkong is indeed a good and progressive country.  I’ve seen amazing things while I was there but nothing is perfect.  Maybe I should stop looking down on my own country. I love my country and I am proud of it but in terms of progress and economy I always believe that we are left far behind compare to other countries.

Seeing those garbage made me realize that pollution is a global problem.  Maybe we should start changing ourselves and do our part to help the environment. Throwing trash in the proper place maybe a small act but if we all do it then there would be no more garbage on the streets.  And we will have a clean place to live.



3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

    • Hi Holly,

      I guess you’re right but coming from place like mine seeing these kinds of things is normal. I was just shocked that a better country than mine is also having these problems with trash,. lol

      I still love HK.. 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by! ❤

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