Starbucks Cheer Party 2013

As part of Starbucks tradition, they wanted to celebrate Christmas with their loyal customers through series of customer appreciation parties nationwide.  On November 21, 2013  Starbucks Abreeza Davao invited their customers to be part of Starbucks Davao’s Cheer Party 2013.

Cheer Party Invitation

This is the invitation card that I got. 🙂

From 6:00PM to 9:00PM customers wer entitled with the following:

50% off on any handcrafted beverage

30% discount on Starbucks merchandise

Christmas food and beverage samples

And if you have the invitation you can get a raffle stub for a chance to win Starbucks merchandise items.  You will also get a free photo from their photo booth.

When I arrived at around 630PM there were already a lot of people.  People had no where to sit already. The entire store was filled with loyal customers who were so eager to avail the discounted beverage and the free samples.

SB Abreeza

Every time the baristas came out with free drinks the crowd went wild and tried to grab those little cups for the free taste.  It was actually fun seeing adults do what kids usually do.


Starbucks’ free Christmas food and beverage

Aside from people getting excited with the free samples another blockbuster was the photo booth.  Since it was for free, people couldn’t control their excitement to take a photo of themselves and have it printed for free.  Even I took advantage of that privilege. 😉

The Photo Booth

You will also be amazed by how baristas were having fun serving the customers.  Normally in crowded restaurants or malls, crews and salespeople easily get irritated by their customers.  Sometimes they don’t provide the appropriate kind of service each customer deserves. However, during the Cheer Party all of us were having fun, even the baristas, staff and crew of Starbucks Davao.  I really appreciate how the management of Starbucks trained their people.  No matter how arrogant customers are they still manage to smile and entertain them the best possible way.  Just look at them:

The Baristas!

The Baristas in action!

Starbucks Davao also invited an acoustic band to perform and charm the crowd.  It was like a coffee party where you see a lot of people drinking coffee while listening to acoustic songs.  After every set of songs  from the band, a Starbucks representative entertained us by asking trivia questions and whoever got the correct answer received a prize.  After the trivia questions, was the drawing of the raffle entries. There were three sets of drawing.  When I arrived at Starbucks they had already announced the winners of the first batch.  But luckily during the second set of drawing, my name was picked.  I got a Starbucks tumbler and that will be added to my Starbucks tumbler collections.  The biggest surprise of the night was when a child won the major prize ~ a Steel Starbucks tumbler with SB planner 2014.  Amazing!


It was a very successful event.  Every one had a wonderful time.  As early as November we can already feel the spirit of Christmas.  This is my first Christmas event this year and I am hoping for more in the coming days.  Even though the Cheer Party is until 9PM  me and my friends stayed there until 12AM. Since people were already going home we had the time to talk more and be able to hear each other better. 😀  My friend knew that I was collecting stickers for the Starbucks Planner 2014 and I only needed one sticker that night.  The discounted beverage does not allow you to get a sticker nor a star for your SB card.  My friend ordered another drink for me to get my most awaited sticker and planner.  I took home the BLACK SB PLANNER 2014. 😀

Finally! I got my 2014 SB Planner! :D

Finally! I got my 2014 SB Planner! 😀

I went home with a smile from ear-to-ear!  Thank you Starbucks Philippines for coming up with an event like this.  Truly you are the Philippines number one and the best Coffee Shop!  Merry Christmas Starbucks! Merry Christmas everyone! I got my super early Christmas presents this year!



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