Helping YOLANDA VICTIMS in our OWN Little Ways

Typhoon ‘Yolanda,’ is one of the strongest typhoons on record that hit our beloved country – the PHILIPPINES on November 09, 2013 forcing hundreds of thousands from their homes and knocking out power and communications in several provinces (particularly in the Visayas region).  No words to describe the catastrophe that has hit our country.

The offficial death toll from Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) that ravaged our country last week jumped to almost 4,000, this is based on the latest report of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) NDRRMC As of 6 p.m. update on Monday (Nov 18) , the death toll has risen to 3,976. Eastern Visayas reported 3,725 deaths. Around 1,602 are still missing and 18,175 were reported injured. Lets all pray for the hard hit areas the dead and injured.

Our country needs help.  That’s  why all of us around the Philippines are doing our part to help our Kababayans (countrymen) who were affected by the typhoon.  Famous singers, actors and actresses have also taken part by organizing concerts for the benefit of the victims.  Different TV networks did telethons to encourage people to donate.  Private Companies also did their share by giving money and asking their employees to donate extra clothes, medicine, water etc.

BangonPhWhen I went to Cebu to have my vacation I noticed that the Island Souvenir Shop was selling #BangonPh shirts for 199.75 and 100% of the profit will be given to the efforts of Gawad Kalinga in helping those who were affected by Typhoon Yolanda and the recent earthquake.  I decided to buy a shirt for me to be able to help.  Even in small ways we can also help everyone who were affected by the typhoon.  Island Souvenirs also sell #BangonVisayas, #BangonPilipinas, #BangonCebu, #BangonOrmoc, #Bangontacloban, #BangonSugBohol, #BangonMalapascua,  etc.


I also received an invitation to join the repacking of relief goods at the DPWH RXI office in Panacan, Davao City.  I immediately agreed and went there with my friends and co-workers on Tuesday ~ Nov. 22.  Since we cannot go to Tacloban to help them personally maybe in our own little ways we can help them.  Some of us are coming back here on Friday.  I have also informed my other friends to visit DPWH anytime, just register and start helping.

Repacking of Goods


When we went there, there were a lot of people helping each other to repack.  There was no particular age group coz I saw old men and women together with some college and high school students.  There were also professionals who gave their time to help repacking the goods.  The volunteers were divided into different groups. One group is assigned to put rice into the cellophane, another group is incharge to put noodles into another cellophane, then another group put 3 in 1 coffee inside that same cellophane, then another group put canned goods inside.  Another group put the cellophane of rice and goods together.  There were also those who put them into a sack.



We may have stayed there for about 2-3 hours but during that 2-3 hours we were able to do a lot of things.  We were able to repack a lot of goods.  In our group there were more than 20 people who joined the repacking.  I think we did well. We were very happy that night. The fulfillment that we felt is different.  When you do good things for your countrymen it is really a great feeling.  That’s why I encourage everyone to do their part and help those people in need.  You don’t need to spend a lot of money or donate a big amount of money to be able to help.  There are other ways to help.  Just look around and you’ll be able to see other options. We did and we are very happy!


Young Adults of HGFF and Teachers of Level Up Enrichment Center
and a Korean National

Young Adults of HGFF and Teachers of level Up Enrichment Center and a Korean National

Young Adults of HGFF and Teachers of Level Up Enrichment Center
and a Korean National

We are also happy that different countries around the world helped us by sending relief goods, rescue and medical teams (with equipment , ships, helicopters and airplanes).  In times like this we all need to unite.  We are living in one planet therefore we are just brothers and sisters.  We need to learn to show our love for each other.  So, from the bottom of our HEARTS ~ the Filipinos WE THANK YOU our INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS.

If you want to know the list of countries who helped us in this time of crisis please visit this site:

Here is the summary of our Donors from the site (as of 10AM, Nov 20)

28,262,700.00 1,215,696,000.00
Belgian First Aid and Support Team (70 personnel)
100,000.00 4,300,000.00
5,211,000.00 224,073,000.00
China PROC
1,800,000.00 77,400,000.00
Czech Republic
196,000.00 8,428,000.00
1,796,000.00 77,228,000.00
Two (2) 747s loaded with relief goods 19,216,000.00 826,288,000.00
2 Motor Boats 1,340,000.00 57,620,000.00
16 social workers
6,030,000.00 259,290,000.00
Mobile water purification plant; 20-person search and rescue team and 5 medics
15 tonnes of relief goods
Three (3) C-130 aircrafts and a naval vessel bringing relief goods (worth USD 1M) 2,000,000.00 86,000,000.00
2,010,000.00 86,430,000.00
Two (2) 747 planes with 158 personnel with field medical facilities 2,010,000.00 86,430,000.00
Relief goods 1,340,000.00 57,620,000.00
Japan Disaster Relief Medical Team and Japan’s Self-Defense Force Units; Use of two (2) C-130 aircrafts to assist in rescue and relief operations 32,840,000.00 1,412,120,000.00
10,000,000.00 430,000,000.00
4 rescue experts deployed as part of UNOCHA’s International Humanitarian Partnership team, 2 emergency experts
10,536,000.00 453,048,000.00
Military medics, search and rescue team, blankets and medicine
2,747,000.00 118,121,000.00
New Zealand
Relief goods; Two (2) C-130 aircrafts will be in PH for 4-5 days to provide transportation 5,348,500.00 229,985,500.00
20M Norwegian Krone via UNOCHA and Red Cross
3,200,000.00 137,600,000.00
3,400,000.00 146,200,000.00
1 aircraft with relief goods
3,400,000.00 146,200,000.00
2 planes loaded with humanitarian goods; EMERCOM medical team
3,400,000.00 146,200,000.00
Saudi Arabia
10,000,000.00 430,000,000.00
Civil defense force to assist the UN office in coordinating humanitarian activities 10,160,000.00 436,880,000.00
26,800.00 1,152,400.00
South Korea
Korean Disaster Relief Team (KDRT) on standby; KOICA medical team 5,026,800.00 216,452,400.00
Two (2) planes loaded with relief goods and people to assist in humanitarian activities; AECID medical team
Assistance through UNOCHA operations, including: Two (2) C-130 planes to deliver fuel and generators and 8 members of the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency; Additional 1 IL-76 with relief goods
3,400,000.00 146,200,000.00
One (1) plane loaded with relief goods worth USD 1.8M 2,000,000.00 86,000,000.00
C-130 carrying relief goods 200,000.00 8,600,000.00
1 plane loaded with relief goods – tents, blankets, kitchen sets transported via a Turkish airlines cargo plane
United Arab Emirates
10,000,000.00 430,000,000.00
United Kingdom
Military support including the HMS-Daring with Lynx helicopters and HMS-Ilustrius with 8 helicopters, two (2) C-130 and one (1) Antonov to fly freight and assist other humanitarian activities 84,094,000.00 3,616,042,000.00
United States of America
More than 50 ships and aircrafts to assist search-and-rescue operations and to airlift emergency supplies, including the George Washington battle group doing medical operations in Eastern Samar
22,500,000.00 967,500,000.00
150,000.00 6,450,000.00
250,000.00 10,750,000.00
60 tons of aid (shelters and medicine), ETA PH 11/12, to be followed by deliveries of water purification and sanitation equipment
250,000.00 10,750,000.00
25,250,000.00 1,085,750,000.00
Arab Gulf Fund for UN Development (AGFUND)
25,350,000.00 1,090,050,000.00
Asian Development Bank
48,350,000.00 2,079,050,000.00
TOTAL $395,190,800.00 16,907,904,300.00

Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your kindness and love.  The FILIPINOS will be forever grateful to all of you!


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