Yakimix vs Vikings

When Vikings opened its doors to Davaoeños, a fews days after Yakimix also opened its doors.  SM Lanang and Abreeza are competitors therefore it is just normal to consider that Yakimix is Abreeza’s version of Vikings at SM Lanang.  I have already tried eating at both restaurants and here’s my comparison rating:

Yakimix vs Vikings

I think my winner is very clear. VIKINGS.  How about you?

6 thoughts on “Yakimix vs Vikings

  1. Thanks, Kuya Blogger! I’ve been searching high and low for this kind of blog. I tried Yakimix 4 times and I thought that it’s the best buffet restaurant out there. But, basing on your reviews, Vikings is better! I’m having double thoughts on whether to dine in Vikings or not because of its price (hey! I’m being practical! Haha). Because of your detailed and neutral reviews, I’ll try it there! Thanks ulit! And yeah, you don’t have to be a lone traveler! I can tag along if you want! LOL

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