Davao Bloggers at Vikings

On August 18, 2013 Vikings SM Lanang posted an invitation for all Davao Bloggers.

bloggers at Vikings

“To our Davao City bloggers! Vikings is almost done with their preparations for the opening, with this, we would like to specially invite local bloggers to our soft opening (date to be announced) to try out the Vikings dining experience and write a review about us. In order to be invited, you must apply by sending your NAME, CONTACT NUMBER and BLOG LINK to vikingsmarketing@gmail.com. We will then select from our pool of applicants to join us for the “Bloggers @ Vikings” event. In addition, each bloggers may only be accompanied by a maximum of 3 guests.”

I got interested and immediately sent my application with my blog link.  I didn’t expect anything  coz’ I know there are a lot of very good bloggers from Davao. And like I always say, I am not really good at writing.  My blog is just a stress reliever.  I write anything that comes to my mind.  lol

The first email I got from Vikings Marketing team was on September 10 and telling us (including all other bloggers) that they were still reviewing our application and they would just send us another email if they had already decided.

Days passed by and I knew that I wouldn’t be chosen coz’ there were a lot of bloggers and I just use wordpress.  Most bloggers nowadays have their own domains and I don’t. hehehe   I don’t even know how really blogging works.  I just write and post anything on my wordpress account.  I don’t even have a particular genre of specialty.


On September 28, 2013 while I was drinking coffee in my favorite Coffee shop at SM Ecoland, I got the biggest “surprise email” in my Blogging Life.

“Congratulations Bloggers,

We would like to first and foremost thank you for proactively submitting your application to us, and expressing your interest in writing about Vikings. You have been chosen by our team amongst a large pool of applicants for this event. You are invited to join us for dinner on October 7, 2013. “

I got this email together with five more bloggers from Davao!  I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t concentrate on what I was doing that night.  I was very happy! I told myself “I should take blogging seriously”!  I was just looking down on myself but there are actually people who think that my blog is good.  Wow!

When October 7 arrived, me and my friends went to Vikings and enjoyed the best dinner in our lives.  I also met the other bloggers and the Dining/Reservation Manager Mr. Luel Magbanua.

bloggers (5)

with Davao Bloggers and Mr. Luel Magbanua


with Davao Bloggers and Mr. Luel Magbanua

I also had the chance to have a picture taken with one of the chefs.

with Chef Henry

with Chef Henry

I had so much fun at Vikings and I know I will be back again… Soon! 🙂  Thank you Vikings Davao!!!

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