Vikings SM Lanang- the King of Buffets

Feast from the Sea

Feast from the Sea

Foodgasm – that moment when you first eat something REALLY tasty and your whole body reacts, often characterized by the same reaction your body has to other pleasurable activities.

This is exactly how I felt when I dined at Vikings.

Uh-oh! Not exactly. It wasn’t just a foodgasm but multiple foodgasms.  I can therefore say that going to Vikings has been my best dining experience to date.

Vikings has just opened their first Davao branch, their first branch outside Metro Manila.  This buffet restaurant is also the first of its kind in Davao City where it offers full live show kitchen in all seven (7) stations.  The actual cooking does not only show high-quality fresh food but entertains guests as well.

Vikings' Chefs

Watching different chefs cook something infront of you is simply amazing coz’ you don’t see them everyday.  As a first-timer in this kind of restaurant I was just blown away.  It was like being a kid again and everything they did was completely awesome.

Table # 402 (Our table)

Table # 402 (Our table)

Dessert Station

Dessert Station

The food is just one thing, the restaurant’s interior is another.  Did you know that each Vikings branch has a different interior design?  Yes, it does! Vikings Davao has a modern Filipino theme.

Front view of the Dessert Station

Front view of the Dessert Station

Vikings SM Lanang


Before Vikings arrived in Davao, the best-looking buffet restaurants are often found in different hotels around the city.  But now, the BEST buffet restaurant can be found inside SM Lanang Premier (one of the biggest malls in Davao).  We can go shopping all day and wait ’till we hear our tummies roar, then eat like a Viking.


Now, let me tell you what I enjoyed the most while I was there.

1.  Food Choices.  No one can argue if I say that Vikings has the most number of dishes served in a buffet restaurant. Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Filipino, etc… Check these pics and salivate 😉

DSC_0767 DSC_0770 DSC_0782

DSC_0846 DSC_0844 DSC_0842

DSC_0841 DSC_0839 DSC_0830

2.  Sushi.  They have the best tasting Sushis.  I just LOVE them!


3.  Bottomless Drinks.  Normally, in other Buffet Restaurants they would only give you a glass of free iced tea / soda but here you can have any drinks you like.  Just choose from  different juices, coffee, chocolate drink, softdrinks and even beer. Crazy, right? Amazing!  My favorite drink is the Passion Fruit Juice.


4.  Desserts.  This is my Heaven-Station.  I am crazy in love with Desserts and their desserts made me crazier to the nth level.  I totally forgot the names of each dessert that I ate but I was totally enjoying each of them. 😀

Vikings Desserts

5.  Service.  Vikings not just offer good food and place but good service as well.  Good food is best enjoyed if provided with good service.  They have approachable crews who are willing to help and assist your every need.  May it be asking where to find a particular dish, assisting you to carry some extra plates or even taking pictures.


My Vikings dining experience can be best described as “jaw-dropping” (food choices), breath taking (interiors), outstanding (service), and very impressive (over-all).  I salute the owners/directors for bringing Vikings to Davao.  Who would have ever thought that a restaurant like Vikings could come to Davao and be this much of a success considering that it’s still on its early stage?  Vikings’ Director Mr. Anderson said that they chose Davao because it is a growing city.  I am grateful that they still chose to open a Vikings branch in Davao amidst all the negative news that has been circulating about Mindanao recently.

Here are what my friends can say about our dining experience at Vikings.

testimonial (4)

testimonial (5)

testimonial (3)

testimonial (2)


We weren’t able to try everything which is not bad at all coz’ we now have more reasons to come back.  Every single peso spent in this restaurant is definitely worth it.  You can never find any other restaurant like this anywhere in Davao City.  In Davao, we have Kadayawan as the King of Festivals, the Philippine Eagles as the king of birds and here comes Vikings the King of Buffets.

We Shall Return!

We Shall Return!

If you are on a tight budget you may also avail their promos:

  • The Birthday celebrant gets to eat for FREE on his/her birthday as long as accompanied by one paying adult and an ID for proof of birthdate.
  • Groups, a minimum of 10 pax will entitle two more guests of the said group for FREE.
  • The Senior citizen privilege is 20% discount for 60-74 years old guests
  • 50% off is given to 75 years old and above guests

Vikings’ Introductory Rate

For more information like them on Facebook: or follow them on Twitter @vikingsbuffet. You may call: (082) 285-3888 or (082) 285-4888 for reservations.

So what are you waiting for? Visit VIKINGS now and Eat like a true Viking!

12 thoughts on “Vikings SM Lanang- the King of Buffets

  1. 👍👍two thumbs up Jas!!👏
    WORLD CLASS dining experience..
    Great food..
    Cozy ambiance..
    Friendly, accomodating and energetic staff..
    Simply the best..

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  4. “The Birthday celebrant gets to eat for FREE on his/her birthday.”

    Do this apply when we bought a voucher on only?

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