Korean Film Festival 2013

Korean Film Festival 2013When someone told me that there would be a Korean Film Festival, I got excited.  I am a fan of Korean movies. I think their movies are unpredictable and entertaining.  I often ask some friends to lend me their Korean DVDs or give me a soft copy of any Korean movie.

This year The Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines has brought six Korean movies to the Philippines.  KCC came to the Philippines in 2011 to promote Korean culture to the Filipinos.  The Philippines has somehow become the second home of the Koreans.  Anywhere you go around the Philippines you always see KOREANS. 😉

Filipinos also love Koreans and Koreanovelas.

Last year, there were only three participating cinemas in the 2012 Korean Film Festival.  They were SM Megamall, SM Baguio and SM Cebu.  However, this year there are already four participating cinemas and they are SM Megamall, SM Iloilo, SM Cebu and SM Lanang.   I am happy coz’ they have included SM Lanang to participate in this annual event.  I think Davao has also become a home to a lot of Koreans.

To all K-Pop lovers out there place take note of the following schedules:


I have already seen three of the six movies that will be shown here ~ Sunny, Deranged and A Werewolf Boy.  I highly recommend these three movies.  They are somehow different from each other that’s why you must watch them.  I might watch them again but this time in the Big Screen. 😀

To my fellow Davaoeños let’s see each other on October 10-13, 2013.

Anyway, since KCC has been doing this Festival for three years already, here are the movies they had shown in 2011 and 2012:

2011 Korean Film Festival

Korean Film Festival 2012

Let’s enjoy this year’s Korean Film Festival! Aja!

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