My Havaianas Slippers’ Journey

havaI was a fan of Havaianas slippers before i realized that they are just normal slippers. lol  Before I started working in a BPO industry I couldn’t afford to buy a pair of Havaianas slippers.  They are so expensive but I liked them.

When I worked in Cebu and earned a little higher than my usual salary I bought my very first havaianas slippers.  They were glow in the dark slippers. They lasted for a year! 😦

My First Havaianas

I usually wear slippers when I go to malls.  One day, while I was walking around Ayala Mall Cebu my slippers’ head strap got cut.  I was forced to buy my second Hava slippers.

yellow hava

This is my favorite pair of Havaianas slippers.  I wore them almost everyday!  I don’t like wearing shoes and slippers are more comfortable than them.  But like all other flip flops / slippers, no matter how much you love them they would still leave you. 😦  Yes the same fate happened to my favorite pair of slippers. I think they lasted for more than a year. Again I bought another pair of Havaianas slippers. Of course, I didn’t want to buy other brands of slippers.  I know for a fact that other slippers are weaker than Havaianas.  These are my third flip flops / slippers:

Havaianas Grafitti

I really find them very cute, that’s why I bought them.  But after just a couple of months the drawings started fading.  And a few months after, they suffered the same fate again. BROKEN!

I just realized I’ve been spending a higher amount of money just for a pair of slippers and then they leave you brokenhearted! So, I decided to buy the cheap ones.  And guess what?!  They’re just the same.  Though, it feels different if you know you are wearing a pair of Havaianas slippers but the comfort is still the same.

I still visit Havaianas stores but I don’t buy their slippers anymore.  I also noticed that they don’t have interesting designs and they’ve become more expensive.  Now that I am back here in Davao, my salary is lower and I cannot afford a more expensive pair of Havaianas.

I would still want to buy someday but I would only buy then if they will release a new design that would really catch my attention.

Every year we have what we call “Make Your Own Havaianas” and this is being done all over the country.  I first witnessed this event in SM Cebu and now they also do this here in Davao.  This year the MYOH in Davao happened last week at Abreeza Mall. Since I decided not to buy their slippers all I did was visit them and took some pictures. lol


Near the entrance of Abreeza they built a Hot Air Balloon with Havaianas Slippers on it.  The balloon itself was made of Havaianas slippers.  A lot people went there to have a picture taken. And one night before going home, me and my friend noticed that there were no people taking their pictures.  So, we took our chance and had a picture taken with the Hot Air Balloon.

For now, this is all I could do with Havaianas.  Like I said, I would only buy a pair of slippers if they have a very catchy design that I like. 😀


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