VIKINGS Davao – Soon at SM Lanang…

Are you familiar with Vikings?

Not the Vikings TV series nor the warriors.  It’s a luxurious buffet restaurant.  I haven’t been there but I’ve heard of it from some friends who work in Manila.  And I’ve heard nothing but good things about this restaurant.

When SM Lanang facebook page announced last July 31 that Vikings would be coming to Davao soon, I got excited.  My friend also told me about this and we were hoping to visit the restaurant soon.  Just by simply liking their facebook page we get to have 50% discount. That’s amazing!


I think the best buffet restaurants are in Davao and with the coming of Vikings, it reinforces my claim. 😉 If you want to get the 50% discount as well visit their facebook page now. Click here!

Everytime I get updates from SM Lanang’s fb page about Vikings it makes me salivate. Grrrr.

Vikings SM LanangAnd just this morning I saw this update from Vikings FB page too:

bloggers at Vikings

Wow! That’s why I immediately sent an application and hoping that somehow they would choose me.  There are a lot of bloggers in Davao and a lot of them are really good and have good blog sites.  I am not sure if I have a chance of getting chosen but this is free world and no one can stop me from trying and hoping.

This is how Vikings Davao looks like.

This is how Vikings Davao looks like.

With the coming of Vikings and the existing buffet restaurants in Davao City I think it’s safe to say that Davao has become the Buffet Capital of the Philippines. 😉

My latest entry about Vikings: Vikings SM Lanang- the King of Buffets


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