Durian Festival 2013

DSC00952I love Durian.  August is Kadayawan month and this celebration wouldn’t be completed without eating Durian.  Since it’s the season of Durian, the price of durian is really cheap. The price ranges from 20 – 40 pesos. You can eat durian anywhere around Davao city. You won’t have any problems looking for durian coz’ we have so many vendors here. Some of them just bring their pick up trucks beside the street and put some tables and chairs  then you can start buying and eating durian.

Luckily, this year the Durian festival coincides with our Kadayawan Festival.  That’s two festivals for us! 🙂 The Durian Festival started last August 10 and would end on August 25, 2013 at the SM Lanang Premier Fountain court.  This is a 16-day festival showcasing the fruit’s different varieties.

Yesterday, me and my friends went to SM Lanang to experience Durian Festival this year.  And it was HEAVEN! Aha!  We all love durian and the varieties we’ve tasted were amazing and very delicious.

We were also surprised to see new varieties of Durian.  These are the so called Orange Durian, Yellow Durian and the Red Durian.  BPI Davao joined the festival and brought these new varieties and allowed people to taste it for FREE! Yes, you are right F-R-E-E that’s free.


We tried the Orange durian and the Red durian.  The Orange durian has a taste of Langka or Jackfruit. It’s still delicious but the langka smell is bothering for me.  I would still prefer the original durians. The Red Durian is somehow weird. It has that minty taste when eaten.  The taste is tolerable but really weird.  No one sells these varieties for now but the lady who gave us the free taste informed us that if we wanted to plant these varieties we could go to the BPI’s office and purchase seedlings there. Having new varieties of durian would really make this city more interesting to visit. So I dare all tourists to come and visit Davao and not to forget to eat DURIAN.

The Red Durian

The Red Durian

The Orange Durian

The Orange Durian


If you go around Davao the basic Durian price per kilo is only 35 pesos but here at the SM Lanang Fountain court it’s 40 pesos.  It’s just a five-peso difference then you can go shopping afterwards. 😉 You can also try the Eat-All-You-Can Durian for 150 pesos.  If you want a cheaper one, you may want to go to Bangkerohan public market.  You may also try Anda Street, Torres Street and Magsaysay Avenue if you are near these areas.  There are also a lot of Durian vendors there. 😀 

We always say that Durian is a fruit that smells like hell but tastes like heaven.  For us durian lovers, the smell and taste are both like HEAVEN.


Anhi na mo sa Davao kay lamian and Durian diri!

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