Gilas Pilipinas – Proud to be Pinoy!

The Philippines is a BASKETBALL COUNTRY.  Our National Sport may be SIPA but our hearts beat for BASKETBALL.  Anywhere you go in the Philippines, you would always see a basketball court. It seems like one church = one basketball court, or even more.

Just recently the FIBA Asia Championship started and is being held here in the Philippines.  Since we are a basketball country, a lot of Filipino fans are hoping that the Philippines will make it to the championship.

According to wiki The FIBA Asia Championship for Men (formerly Asian Basketball Confederation Championship) is a tournament which takes place every two years between teams of the continent. This is the Asian qualifying tournament for the FIBA World Championship and the Olympic basketball tournament. The tournament is also known as the Asian Championships.

If we also check the medal table we are currently number 2 in standing.


We may have five Golds but it was still in 1985 when we last won.  It’s heartbreaking knowing how much we love basketball yet we couldn’t get another Gold or even make it to the championship after that year.  The 1985 FIBA Asia Championship was held in Kuala Lumpur and our opponent was Korea.

Here are the list of the participating nations of FIBA Asia:


Here are the results of FIBA Asia 2013:

Day 1 Game Results (August 01, 2013)
Iran def. Malaysia, 115-25
Taipei def. Jordan, 91-87
Qatar def. Japan, 75-74
S.Korea def. China, 63-59
Bahrain def. India, 82-80
PHILIPPINES def. S.Arabia, 78-66 
KAZ def. Thailand, 81-67 

Day 2 Game Schedule (August 02, 2013)
CHN def. Malaysia, 113-22
C.Taipei def. Saudi, 90-67
Japan def. HK, 76-59
Iran def. S.Korea, 76-65
KAZ def. Bahrain, 79-76
PHILIPPINES def. Jordan, 77-71
India def. Thailand, 89-65

Day 3 Game Schedule (August 03, 2013)
KOR def. Malaysia, 80-58
KAZ def. India, 80-67
Qatar def. HK, 87-64
Iran def. China, 70-51
Bahrain def. THA, 86-62
C.Taipei def. PHILIPPINES, 84-79 
Jordan def. Saudi, 63-47 

Day 4 Game Schedule (August 05, 2013)

JORDAN def QATAR 75-61
IRAN def INDIA 102-58

Day 5 Game Schedule (August 06, 2013)
Jordan victorious over Hong Kong 80-54
Iran defeated Bahrain 75-56
Chinese Taipei defeated Japan 79-76
China destroyed India 79-45
Suadi Arabia defeated Thailand
Philippines defeated Qatar 80-70
South Korea defeated Kazakhstan 71-47

Day 6 Game Schedule (August 07, 2013)
Jordan def. Japan 65-56
Iran def. Kazakhstan 85-53
Qatar def. Chinese Taipei 71-68
China def. Bahrain 88-66
Philippines def. Hong Kong 67-55
South Korea def. India 95-54

And today the Semifinals (August 10, 2013)

India def. Bahrain 75-65
Japan def. Hongkong 79-50
China def. Jordan 79-76
Iran def Chinese Taipei 79-60
Philippines def. Korea 86-79

The scores:

The Philippines (86) – Castro 17, Pingris 16, Alapag 14, De Ocampo 11, Tenorio 9, Aguilar 8, Chan 5, Foancier 2, Norwood 2, Douthit 2, David 0, Fajardo 0.

Korea (79) – Kim M. 27, Yang 11, Kim JS. 11, Lee S. 10, Lee J. 10, Cho 6, Kim S. 2, Kim T. 2.

Today’s match is historical since a there were a lot of times when Korea defeated Philippines in the previous years. Please read this story

Currently there are a lot of issues that our country is facing, pork barrel scam, bombings in Mindanao, unemployment, poverty, typhoons, floods, corruption etc.  But… This win of the Philippines against Korea is an inspiration to all of us.

I think this will also remind us that no matter how many times we fall in our lives, all we just need to do is have faith and keep believing. fight, and continue to move on.  Life is full of surprises.

I am a proud PINOY but now… I am PROUDER than ever!

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