Summer of New – I WON!


Last May, Starbucks introduced the “Summer of New” facebook contest.  They encouraged everyone to try something new last summer. Every week they posted a theme and SB fans would just upload their pictures and they would win something from Starbucks.

 I tried joining every week and for five weeks I didn’t win anything. lol

Here are the winners for the first five weeks.





I was about to lose hope, then on the last week of their contest I went to Starbucks – SM City Davao ~ coz’ it was raining and I din’t want to go home.  I bought an Apple Fritter and Hot Caffe Mocha.  I realized that their theme of the week was “Creative Photo of yourself with your favorite starbucks food item”.  

I was actually hesistant to take a picture of myself coz’ there were a lot of people around.  Anyway, I tried covering my cam and took a picture of me and the Apple Fritter with Stuart the Minion (from Despicable Me 2).

Me and Stuart

I’ve been wanting to win the contest coz’ most of their prizes were tumblers.  I collect tumblers and the last time I joined their instagram contest, I almost won.  That was a sad story.  I will try to post what happened during that time ~ next time.  I really believe I should have been one of the winners. lol

Last Week

Their prize was a Starbucks 12oz Mug.   I wasn’t expecting anything when I uploaded my picture. I was just surprise to see this announcement posted on July 01.

June 24

Finally, I won! hahaha

I was very happy and it was just yesterday when I got the prize.  😀


Starbucks Prize

I would like to say thank you to Starbucks Philippines Marketing team.  You guys are all amazing! Kudos for having these kinds of activities online. More Power!

If you want to know more about Starbucks and their contests please visit their facebook page.


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