Mhe & Jasper’s Wedding Day

The KissMy friend finally got married last July 05, 2013.  I wanna show the world how we celebrated their wedding.  My friend’s name is Mary Ann Carrera and her groom is Jasper Mark Abad.  I’ve known them since 2008 when I worked in Cebu.  Mary Ann or Mhe as we call her was an office mate of mine.  We worked together for almost three years.

I actually don’t know how their love story started but what I do know is how much they love each other.  When Mhe transferred to Cebu in 2008 she was already committed to Jasper.  All pf us her friends then know their relationship.  We also ofter heard her talk over the phone with Jasper.  They had a long distance relationship.  To some Long Distance Relationship don’t work but for Mhe and Jasper – DISTANCE is just a word! Love is what they all need.

Yes! They have proven to a lot of couples that Long Distance Relationship really works.  That’s why I admire both of them.  While in Cebu I didn’t see Mhe with other men nor saw her get attracted to a man. I think what they have is really ONE TRUE LOVE.

When Mhe told me that she was getting married I was really happy.   Finally! This is it! They have decided to seal their love officially.  I know this is what they really want.

I wish both of them a Happy Married Life.  May God bless their new family! 

Here some of the shots I took while taking a part of their wedding:









“Love is a partnership of two unique people who bring out the very best in each other, and who know that even though they are wonderful as individuals, they are even better together.”  -Barbara Cage


3 thoughts on “Mhe & Jasper’s Wedding Day

  1. I may not know their love story in entirety but this is indeed a good one. I use to hear from friends that LDRs usually end in disaster and that “long distance is the wrong distance” but hey, it worked for your friend. Great!

    • Thanks for dropping by. Yes, there are more stories about people breaking up coz’ of LDRs than people ending together. lol

      But the LDR of Mhe and Jasper actually hasn’t ended yet. To provide their family a better and brighter future, Jasper decided to go abroad while Mhe is currently working in Manila.

      I am praying that their love would be strong enough to withstand the trials that await them. 😀

  2. Jasper Jay , you’re an epic!It chills me to the bones while reading it.. Thank you so much for being a good friend from the start..You’re one of a kind and you have such a good talent for making this for me.

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