My Lady Boss

My Lady BossI watched My Lady Boss last Wednesday and I like it.  I rarely watch local movies in the cinema nowadays.  I think most Filipino movies have the same story/plot.  I went to the cinema without expecting anything and I think that was the reason why I like the movie very much.  Unlike other movies which are highly publicized you end up being disappointed coz’ of the hype.  You expect a lot then the movie just delivered less than what you expected!

In the recent years this has been GMA FILMS problem. They don’t know how to advertise their movies.  Not that they don’t know but they chose not to. I really don’t know why.  We all know for a fact that advertisement can actually boost the box office result of any movie.  And Star Cinema is the expert of this kind of thing.  And somehow I don’t like how they publicized their movies. You tend to expect too much and end up being disappointed.

My Lady Boss is a feel good movie that will make you laugh the entire time.  Marian is  natural comedienne and Richard needs to work on his acting skills.  Richard’s main asset is his good looks.  I am not saying he doesn’t know how to act BUT I think he could have delivered the lines better. I’ve seen him in different drama series and I know he can act.  But somehow in this movie, something is lacking/missing from him.  This movie is really for Marian.  The role perfectly fits her.  Effortless acting from the girl who graduated from the “Pamantasan of Quiapo”.  lol

The supporting cast also did well but I think casting UNKNOWNS will not help boost the box office result.  Although they have a great suppporting cast. Maricel Laxa was elegant, Rocco was great but somehow OA, Petra the youtube sensation was ok, Matet was good but the producers/director could have given her a better role.  Ruru Madrid of Protege was a revelation. He can really act! And I love Ronaldo Valdez! He really stood out.. Shined! Amazing actor! Richard couldn’t handle him. hahaha

When I watched the movie I literally watched it alone.. As in alone in the cinema. I watched it on the first day of showing and the last full show of the day.  Davao City is known to be a Kapamilya city and I think the lack of publicity and advertisement was the reason why people didn’t know about the movie.  When I told my friends about this movie, they were shocked to know that Marian and Richard have a new movie.

I’ve been watching GMA shows but I rarely saw the My Lady Boss trailer.  I feel disappointed not of the movie but of GMA Films and Regal Films.  They just don’t know how to market their movies.  This is one of the best RomCom movies I’ve seen, yet its being disregarded by people.

Marian and Richard still have their screen chemistry and both of them really look good together.  The Kissing scenes were amazing – Hollywoodish type. lol

The story was simple, a girl who grew up helping her family and a terror boss at work.  She’s terror because she wants her team to perform well – which I think most of us can relate to.  Most of us who work in a corporate world often encounter scary bosses but they are actually just doing their jobs.  And by doing their jobs would mean keeping our jobs as well.  The same thing happened to Marian aka “Evelyn Vallejo Lontoc – E.V.L.” in the movie. Her subordinates are scared of her and calls her 666 but what they didn’t know is that she knows all her subordinates problems and she wants them to keep their job.

Like a normal corporate world, romantic relationships among employees are not allowed so as not to affect the performance.  The movie will show you how both lovers find a way to express their feelings and Fight for it.

The movie should have introduced a sub-loveteam to help gain viewers.  This tactic was already proven a lot of times like the Mark-Jen tandem during Richard & Angel’s “Let the Love Begin”, Kath-Daniel’s tandem of Sisterakas, etc…

Despite the things I want to happen to this movie I still love it.  I had fun watching it and I laughed hard as well.  If you want to be entertained then this is the perfect movie. 😀

My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Rating Sosy Problems

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