What people think about the BARRETO WAR!?

When I started posting some articles about the Barretos I reached my all time high ranking in topblogs. WoW!  I reached #35.  Amazing! I shows that Filipinos are really TSISMOSOs and TSISMOSAs!! lol

Anyway, I keep myself updated with this war by checking pep.ph all the time. Here are some of the people’s comments about the issue:






I decided to post the comments coz’ they are more fun to read than the actual articles.  People seem to have forgotten that this is a family fight and they need not to involve themselves in this situation.  But knowing the Filipinos, we will always involve ourselves. hahaha  Just like me, I’m posting these stuff here. hahaha

Though I find this funny and hilarious I still hope they could fix this problem.  Family is the basic unit of the society and it is sacred.  They do not need to fight among themselves. All they need to do is talk and pray!

sources: http://www.pep.ph/news/38457/pep-exclusive-jay-jay-barretto-ldquoyou-want-to-fix-this-family-fix-claudinerdquo



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