New York Festivals – GMA7 vs ABS-CBN

Here in the Philippines we have what we call network war.  Fans from different TV networks try to brag about their stations accomplishments.  Just recently New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards 2013 announced the winners this year.  I think this is something all of us FILIPINOS should be proud of. Both GMA and ABS CBN represented our country in the said festival.  They both got awards but somehow fans from each network try to say that their station is better than the other.  The Philippines has been getting recognition from this award giving body this past few years.  I did a little research and these are the awards that we got.


GMA – (12 Medals) 2 Gold 6 Silver; 4 Bronze

ABSCBN – (7 Medals) 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 4 Bronze


GMA – 1 Award

Silver – Reel Time: Bone Dry (Salat), Social Issues

ABSCBN – 2 Awards

GOLD – A Call to Arms, Sports Program Promotion

SILVER – Johnny: The Juan Ponce Enrile Story, Biography/Profiles


GMA – 3 Awards

SILVER – I-Witness: Lapnos (Burn); Social Issues/Current Events Category

SILVER – Yaman Sa Basura (Child Urban Miners); Social Issues/Current Events Category

SILVER – Front Row: Bente Dos (Twenty-Two) in the Biography/Profiles Category

ABSCBN – 1 Award

Bronze – Krusada : Laya ( Freedom ) Issues/Current Events Category


GMA – 3 Awards

Silver – Biyaheng Totoo (Real Journey) in the Special Report in News: Reports/Features category

Bronze – Lupang Hinirang  – Music Category

Bronze – I-Witness: “Paraisong Uhaw” (A Parched Land) in the Social Issues/Current Events category

ABSCBN – 2 Awards

Silver – Storyline ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC) for the biography-profiles category

Bronze – Storyline for the community portraits category


GMA – 1 Award

Bronze – Planet Philippines


GMA – 2 Awards

Gold – 24 Oras Best Continuing Coverage

Silver – 24 Oras Best News Program


GMA – 1 Award

Bronze – Debate with Mare at Pare


GMA – 1 Award

Gold – Saksi


I hope that someday this network war would stop.  If both stations try to make better programs, then it is US the televiewers who would benefit from it.  We would have better TV shows to watch.  Right?


If something is is wrong with my info, please inform me immediately.  🙂


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