Art for Earth

Art for earth

Earth… Our Home…

This third planet from the sun is experiencing a lot of abuse from its inhabitants.   We always think that all the resources we get from this planet will never end.  We continue cutting trees but never plant enough replacement.  We keep thinking about progress and forget the environment.  We make cars and factories to make our lives better but as a result it ruins the environment. They make our air dirty.

Our water supply is not clean as it used to be.  Now, we rely on distilled and purified water for a safe drinkable water.  Though we know that the water supply is becoming dirty we still keep on throwing garbage to the ocean, rivers and lakes.

When are we going to stop?  What are the things we can do to save the environment? To save mother earth!?

A lot of different groups from around the world try to do different things to save Earth.  There are groups that dedicate themselves to protect the animals.  There are also groups who promote clean environment.  Every year, the entire world participate in what we call “EARTH HOUR” where we try to switch off our lights for one hour. This act is dedicated to Climate Change.

Here in Davao, anyone is not allowed to smoke in public places or in any public utility vehicles (buses, taxis, jeepneys).  Just recently a group of Local Artists from Davao joined forces and show their love for mother earth thru their artworks.  They call it “Art for Earth“.

Here are some of their artworks:

DSC01097 DSC01096 DSC01095 DSC01094 DSC01093 DSC01092DSC01091DSC01090

These artworks are currently displayed in Abreeza.


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