D’ Bone Collector Museum Inc.

D' Bone Collector Museum Inc.

I went to Abreeza earlier today and I was surprised to see this exhibit of different animal bones.  I was amazed to see these bones.  I think this is a good place to bring your children.  I think children will get excited to see these kind of thing. They actually another exhibit which is bigger.  You may visit them:

Family Circus Compound

Brgy. 76-A Bucana, Blvd.,

Davao City Philippines

They say that this museum was voted #1 Museum in Mindanao for 2012 by MMA (Mindanao Museum Association).  This is the largest collection of its kind in the Philippines.  The entrance fee is very affordable; Kids~P40; Adults~P50.  They are open from Mondays-Fridays (10am-5pm) and Saturdays (1pm-5pm).  For reservations you may call (0919) 624-0744.

Here are some of their collections in Abreeza:









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