Ben – Changi Airport’s Rare Gem

I came across this entry from my facebook newsfeed this morning.

Ben of Changi Airport

“Today, Changi Airport honours Ben (left) from dnata who took care of Mrs Kalliopi (middle) for 3 days when she missed her connecting flight to Darwin. During this time, he booked and paid for her new flight, provided accommodation and even brought her sightseeing when he was off-duty. LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE to show Ben the love! – Melvin”

By the way, Changi Airport is the main airport in Singapore.  I’ve been to Changi Airport in 2010 and I was amazed when I first saw it.  It was and it is still the most beautiful airport I’ve seen. I just hope we could have a similar airport in the Philippines like in Changi! Maybe we will but I guess not in my lifetime. 😉

Anyway, back to BEN.  I was truly amazed hearing this news.  Nowadays, it’s very rare to find someone who would help a total stranger.  Not just an ordinary help but help financially. WOW!  There is still hope for this world.  This is the kind of news we should see in television.  This will bring inspiration to a lot of people.  So, instead of showing news about the disasters, wars, terrorists, criminals; we should see more news about heroics acts.  I wonder if a Singaporean channel feature Ben in their news.  I hope they did. He deserves it. 😀

I am not the only person who got affected by this news earlier.  There were a lot of people who commented and showed their appreciation to Ben.  Let me post some of the wonderful comments for Ben:

Melvin Leong Salute to Ben! You’re a good man with a good heart. The world needs more people like you.

  • Yes! I agree to Melvin. The world needs more people like Ben.

Pam Threefivenine I’ve always felt proud whenever I come home at Changi. But it’s folks like you, Ben, that makes me proud to be a Singaporean returning home at Changi. Well done!

  • I think all Singaporean should be proud of him and be like him! 😉

Tina Bell Wow Ben, This brought a tear to my eye. Mrs Kalliopi is a greek immigrant of the 50’s and 60’s to Australia (I am not positive but sure enough) and this could’ve been my mother missing her connecting flight to Brisbane. Just amazes me that there are still people like you in this world to help out. Please if you ever come to Greece (I was born and brought up in Brisbane) I would definitely like to accomodate you and show you around. Thank you … xxx I love Singapore and I cannot wait to make it back there with my husband.

  • It’s your time to shine Ben.  I think you deserve a treat as well. Go to Greece now and meet Tina! 🙂

Deepa Nilamani O how Wonderful Ben what a nice person you are. Very rare quality now a day to be so generous  Here I come Changi and I will miss the flight !!! Ben will you be there. To go free sight seeing as well …

  • Now this is a problem.  I think everyone who knows this story and misses a flight in SG will surely look for Ben like Deepa. hahaha

Julie Jenel YEo Thanks for your grace toward this lovely lady. Rare gem to find in Singapore. You are simply an amazing guy Ben. A god sent angel for Mrs. Kalliopi.

  • Yes! A real rare gem. SG is so lucky to have someone like Ben.

Natalia Garcia Manuel How nice of you, may some people follow what you did, just merely guiding a lost stranger is more than enough but if you are capable financially, do what Ben did… commendable!

  • Indeed commendable! 😀

If you want to read more click this link.  You may also visit Changi Airports Facebook page.

I always admire those people who go extra mile just to help other people.  In our world today where people try to outwit each other just to survive, it’s very important that we realize that helping each other is far better than trying to outwit each other. Like what Natalia Garcia Manuel said ” just merely guiding a lost stranger is more than enough but if you are capable financially, do what Ben did” we should do acts of kindness in our daily life.  If we are not capable of spending much to help other people, there are tons of other ways we can do to help.  We have this saying here in the Philippines “Kapag gusto; maraming paraan.  Kapag ayaw; maraming dahilan” which means “You always have a reason if you do not want to do certain things. You always find ways to do things if you like doing it.” 

I guess we just need to put in our hearts what we were told to when we were still young.  Help those in need!  Then, it will never be problem trying to help a person in need.

Kudos to Ben and to all who are like him!


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