Valentine’s Day… a day of love!

Happy Valentine's DayFebruary 14 is fast approaching and it seems like everyone is panicking! lol

Nowadays, people consider Valentine’s Day as the day they should show their love to their partners.. I really wonder why!? If you have a partner or if you are in love, everyday should be a Valentine’s day.. Right?

Some people also take this chance to have sex with their partners in the most romantic places or hotels or motels… Now, I really wonder why?! hahaha  Even if they have houses or places where they could make love but just chose a different place on this day.

Here in the Philippines, February 14 is the busiest day of hotels and motels.  It seems like people get the license to go to a motel on this day alone. Normally, Filipinos are conservative and are scared to go to motels.  But February 14 is a special day, no one gets shy anymore on this day! hahaha

As early also as February 1, different establishments already prepare for Valentine’s Day.  They decorate their stores/offices with hearts, cupids and anything related to love.


Actually, Valentine’s Day is just another day but it is up to us if we make this day special.  To all the lovers out there, you shouldn’t have valentine’s day! You should have ~ Valentine’s days.. as you should be showing love to each other everyday! Everyday should be a special day to all the lovers out there. Everyday should be a Valentine’s day!

And to all the single people, WE shouldn’t feel sad!  Being single doesn’t necessarily mean that we are not happy! We still have friends and family around us who truly love us!  And I think that is more important! We need people who can be with us forever rather than a special someone who in the end might not be there for us anymore! 😉

Love. Love. Love.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Enjoy being single and in-love!


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