Oh my Jajangmyeon!

JajangmyeonJajangmyeon (alternately spelled jjajangmyeon; 자장면; 짜장면) is consists of wheat noodles topped with a thick sauce made of chunjang (a salty black soybean paste), diced pork and vegetables, and sometimes also seafood. Jajang (alternately spelled jjajang), the name of the sauce, is the Korean pronunciation of the Chinese characters 炸醬, which literally means “fried sauce.” Myeon (also spelled myun) means “noodle.”

Me and my friends went to a Korean restaurant last Saturday (Seoul Ga ~ located beside Victoria Plaza).  One of the dishes that we ordered was Jajangmyeon! Most of my friends haven’t tried Jajangmyeon yet, and most of them don’t like the taste.

I really wonder why a lot of people don’t like Jajangmyeon! Maybe the taste is a bot weird but that what makes it more appealing and delicious.  I like that different taste of Jajangmyeon.  Most of the time I just eat Japaghetti.  It is just similar to jajangmyeon but its instant.  You just need to buy it and put hot water then, you have your Japaghetti.. Or Korean Spaghetti!  😀

I love Jajangmyeon and Japaghetti!  If you want to try a new dish, you should try Jajangmyeon but if you don’t have the budget you can just go to the nearest grocery store and buy Japaghetti. Its much cheaper than Jajangmyeon and easy to prepare. 😉



6 thoughts on “Oh my Jajangmyeon!

    • Hi Gina!

      Thanks for the info, I would love to try that Korean resto you mentioned. However, I am currently based here in Davao. If ever I visit Manila again, I’d definitely go there. 🙂

  1. I can see you’re quite open minded when it comes to trying Korean dishes. I’m a fan of Korean cuisine myself and almost eat every week. I highly recommend Yukgaejang. It’s spicy beef soup. It’s really yummy. Just thank me later once you’ve had the taste of it. 😉 Order it in Seoulga.

    • Japaghetti is available mostly in all Korean grocery stores. jajangmyeon has a similar taste of japaghetti. Japaghetti / Chapaghetti is a blending spaghetti-like noodles with chajang (jajang) sauce, chunky dehydrated carrots, onions, and ground beans.So it is spaghetti-like noodles with jajang sauce.

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