My Birthday Post!

Wow. I am already 29 years old.. Time flies so fast… I was actually planning to post something special… I thought of writing about the things I like, the places I’ve been to, etc.. but I didn’t have much time.  Last week I had a pre-birthday celebration and went to Boracay.  When I came back, I was so busy editing the pics (I am not done yet) and I also need to go back to work.. I was absent for three days.

Today, there were a lot of people who greeted me and posted their greetings on my Facebook timeline. I was just amazed.  I actually replied to each of them.  I hope I did! 😉  Just now, I just posted something on my FB wall. It’s my way of thanking everyone and God for all the wonderful years that happened in my life. I just wanna share that message here.. I am not a good writer but I hope you’d find time to read it and be inspired (even a little).  Here’s the post!


I wanted to copy and post it here but I think it’s better to screenshot it. 😉

I also got a lot of beautiful presents from my family and friends. I actually posted them in Instagram. If you want you can follow my instagram account and just search “jazperjay”.

My Birthday Gifts

Life is so beautiful. Thank you Lord for everything! 😀

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