the Perks of Being a Wallflower (Review)

The Perks of Being a WallflowerThe Perks of Being a Wallflower is actually a novel written by  Stephen Chbosky.  The book was made into film this year.   The movie stars  Logan Lerman, Ezra Miller and Emma Watson, directed by the author.

I rarely appreciate an all-talk movie.  However, this movie is somewhat different. I don’t know how to put it in words but I love it!  I didn’t get bored at all watching the movie.  While I was watching the movie, it made me feel like I’m in the movie.  There are no major drama scenes but there were a lot of times when my tears just flowed freely.  I felt the heart of the movie.

This a story about Charlie who is nervous about starting his high school life.  He is introverted and slow to make friends, on the first day only making a connection with his English teacher, Mr. Anderson.   Mr. Anderson asked questions to his students but none answered correctly but Charlie knows the answer, he just doesn’t want to participate.   Charlie is also reluctant to worry his parents by telling them how nervous and isolated he really feels.

Eventually Charlie was taken under the wings of two seniors ~ Sam (Emma) and Patrick (Ezra), who introduced him to the real world!

The movie is about young love, sex, drugs, friendship and family.  Stephen’s attack to the movie is too realistic that he makes you become part of the movie.  There are a lot of scenes where it’s not really dramatic but it moved me to tears!

Before Sam, Patrick and Charlie became friends, Charlie has a bestfriend who killed himself during the summer.  Charlie also lost his aunt during his childhood.  This aunt is somehow the reason why Charlie is suffering from a mental illness.  Charlie has a very nice family but I think Stephen wants to pint out that, there is no such thing as perfection in this world.  We have our own flaws in one way or another.  Now, it is up to us how to deal with it!

Charlie later on fell for Sam but Sam already has a boyfriend.  During prom, Mary Elizabeth (part of their group – also a senior) admitted that she likes Charlie and asked him if he likes her too.  Charlie, being the kind boy doesn’t know how to tell Mary Elizabeth that he doesn’t like her.  He doesn’t want to hurt her feelings.  They ended being a couple instead!

Patrick is the comic relief in the movie.  He shines the most since his performance is very much effective and believable.   He is gay here and has a secret relationship in one of the campus’ main heart-rub and part of the football team ~ Brad.  Before the movie ends,  Brad’s strict father caught them in the basement doing some naughty stuff and beat to death Brad.   A day later, Brad treated Patrick differently at school.  He tried to humiliate Patrick too, together with his teammates.  Patrick got really pissed off and ended fighting Brad in the cafeteria.  Brad’s teammates helped him and they tried to beat Patrick but Charlie came to save him.  Charlie actually blacked out and doesn’t know what was happening.  When it came to his senses, his hands were already bleeding and Brad’s teammates were already on the floor.  Everybody was shocked to see this.

Since Sam and Patrick are seniors, this will be their last year in high school.  So, Sam has been trying to get into a decent college university.  Charlie is also helping her.  Sam got a letter of acceptance from a University and informed her that she needs to go to the University right after graduation.  This must be the saddest time for Charlie.   Anyway, Sam also finds out that Craig ~ her boyfriend was cheating on her that’s why she broke up with him.   On her last night before going to the University, she and Charlie talked and kissed.

On the day that Sam left for college, Charlie felt different.  He started realizing a lot of things.  Flashbacks came. He also realized that he might be the reason why his aunt died.  He called her sister and told her about this.  Her sister was so quick and immediately asked her friends to call the police and have them sent to their house (This is while talking to Charlie over the phone).

The next scene was in the Hospital.  This is where his mental illness was put into highlight of the movie.  I think I’ve already said enough, it is best that you read the novel or watch the movie.

Anyway, he got out of the hospital, he met his friends Sam and Patrick.  They started driving to the tunnel where they first meet and this time with the same music ~ Heroes” by David Bowie.  During their first time in the tunnel together, the music was just played in a radio station and that they don’t know the title.  Luckily, Sam’s new roommate in college likes music and that’s how Sam got the title of this music.

My Rating: 4.5/5


  • Logan Lerman as Charlie Kelmeckis
  • Emma Watson as Sam
  • Ezra Miller as Patrick
  • Mae Whitman as Mary Elizabeth
  • Johnny Simmons as Brad
  • Kate Walsh as Mrs. Kelmeckis
  • Dylan McDermott as Mr. Kelmeckis
  • Melanie Lynskey as Aunt Helen
  • Zane Holtz as Chris Kelmeckis, Charlie’s older brother
  • Nina Dobrev as Candace Kelmeckis, Charlie’s sister
  • Paul Rudd as Mr. Anderson, Charlie’s English teacher
  • Reece Thompson as Craig, Sam’s college boyfriend
  • Brian Balzerini as Linebacker
  • Nicholas Braun as Derek
  • Joan Cusack as Doctor Burton
  • Adam Hagenbuch as Bob, Sam and Patrick’s stoner friend
  • Erin Wilhelmi as Alice
  • Tom Savini as Mr. Callahan

Here’s the trailer:

Perks Trailer

This movie is full of AMAZING QUOTES! Here are some of them:

So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I’m still trying to figure out how that could be.

I have decided that maybe I want to write when I grow up. I just don’t know what I would write.

Girls are weird, and I don’t mean that offensively. I just can’t put it any other way.

I know that I brought this all on myself. I know that I deserve this. I’d do anything not to be this way. I’d do anything to make it up to everyone. And to not have to see a psychiatrist, who explains to me about being “passive agressive.” And to not have to take the medicine he gives me, which is too expensive for my dad. And to not have to talk about bad memories with him. Or be nostalgic about bad things.

I just wish that God or my parents or Sam or my sister or someone would just tell me what’s wrong with me. Just tell me how to be different in a way that makes sense. To make this all go away. And disappear. I know that’s wrong because it’s my responsibility, and I know that things get worse before they get better because that’s what my psychiatrist says, but this is a worse that feels too big.

“He’s a wallflower.”

“I feel infinite.”


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