Daehanminguk Heonbeob Je 1Jo (The 1st Amendment of Korea)

Dae han min GukDaehanminguk Heonbeob Je 1Jo is a movie about Eun Bi – a prostitute who runs for senate.  The movie shows the different side of Korea.  The exact opposite of what we usually see in Korean dramas.  I didn’t know that there are also areas in Korea where prostitution is legal.

The plot of the story started when Eun Bi’s friend who is also a prostitute was gang raped.  Eun Bi got really mad and went to the police station to complain coz’ no action has been done.  The chief of police who is also a woman said that it was not rape since she is a prostitute.  Eun Bi got really mad. She said that even if they suck dicks and get fuck for money they can also be raped.  They are also human and can be abused at times.

This is when Eun Bi started to think about what she should do.   She initially suggested that her friend should run for senate ~ Kang Se-Young.  Se Young said she just wanted to be a reporter and suggested that Eun Bi should run.  All their other friends agreed to Se Young’s  idea.

What they don’t know is that there is a power struggle between the ruling party and the opposing party!!! Opposing party senator gets killed in a conspiracy whereby the senate gets divided in half with the two parties occupying 136 seats each. The senate is divided in half, and the nation’s focus turns to the city of Surak, where the by-election will take place. The two parties go out of their way to win the race in Surak, trying to become the senate’s majority party.  This is where Eun Bi will come in!

Eun Bi doesn’t have the resources for the election campaign.  However, the ruling party sent a news reporter to support Eun Bi.  This is their strategy to steal the opposing party’s representative’s votes.  The movie shows that Korea is just like any other countries, some officials are also corrupt.  It shows how they campaign during elections and what will the politicians do just to win!

I like the movie coz’ it has a heart and lots of breasts! hahaha. Yes! It has plenty of breast exposures in the movie.  Since Eun Bi and her friends are prostitutes they used their body during campaign.  They were really crazy and funny!

The ending maybe predictable but the execution of the director made me cry.  I like it when Eun Bi tried to withdraw her candidacy but was surprised to see more people coming in to support her.

My rating: 3.5/5


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