Sosy Problems Poster     Sosy Problems is GMA Film’s official entry to the MMFF (Metro Manila Film Festival) this year.     It stars Rhian Ramos, Heart Evangelista, Solenn Heussaff , and Bianca King.  This is directed by Andoy Ranay.

     This is a story about four elite girls and their so-called problems.  The story started when Luca (Ruffa Gutierrez) wanted a documentary about elite women and that they are just like any other girls that have problems.  She chose Tim Yap to be the reporter since he is a friend of the girls.  The girls agreed to be in the docu.

     I like how the writer chose the lines of each characters.  The lines are so funny!  This movie is intended for the middle class and up moviegoers.  If you don’t know anything about Evian mineral water, LV, Birkin, Hermes, etc then you won’t be able to the logic of this parody movie.  The girls here are the exaggerated versions of the elitistas in the Philippines.

     The support casts are amazing.  Agot Isidro (mom of Heart) and Cherie Gil (mom of Solenn) are crazy!  Agot and Cherie are rivals in the movie.  They were former beauty queens and it was Cherie who won during her time and got married to one of the judges.  That’s why Agot was so angry with her coz’ she felt cheated.  She thought that Cherie only won coz’ she seduced the judge.  Agot’s accent is amazing. lol. She is an Ilocano elitista in the movie.

Another great actress in the movie is Mylene Dizon as Bernice.  She is the main antagonist in the movie and she was really CRAZY…  She used to be a cashier in the Polo Club where the girls hang out but she met a rich man and became rich as well.  She bought the Polo Club and want to turn it into a Mall.  To the IT-girls they call it “A Yaya Mall”!  That’s the main problem of the girls here.  They have no place to hang out anymore.  They will do everything to stop Bernice!  They did a “Sosyal version of Makibaka” and did Planking! That was funny! 😉

Aside from this Main Problem, each of the Girls have their own problems too.  Lizzie (Rhian Ramos) was sent to the Province of Sapang Bato to learn how to live a simpler life.  Claudia (Heart Evangelista) and Margauz (Solenn Heusaff) met Benjo a handsome guy (Aljur Abrenica) who works in the Polo Club and both of them like him.  By the way, they are  bestfriends in this movie.  And last is Danielle (Bianca King) who became less rich coz’ his father is somewhat accused of being a criminal.  She lost everything she’s got.

The movie also tells us good lessons.  We should try to be humble and be considerate.  The people around us have their own lives and their lives don’t revolve around us.   We should value friendship more than the material things.  If we have real friends we don’t need to pretend like someone else.  Real friends will accept us whoever we are.

My problems about the movie:

1.  The editing.  There are a lot of scenes where they were suddenly cut.

2.  Continuity of the story. The movie was started by Ruffa but ended by Mang Ador.  I don’t know what happened to Ruffa and her docu.

3.  I was bothered by not so important scenes like to advertise talk & Text while Aljur was talking to his “cupcake” and Vicky Belo’s appearance as the Doctor of Solenn.

4.  Cherie was nowhere to be found at the end of the movie.

5.  BITIN! Something is missing.

Despite my problems of the movie I still recommend this movie for everyone to watch.  This is a funny and feel good movie.  Worth every cent! 😉

you might enjoy some of the movies quotable quotes:

Cherie Gil (Martina) : Choose your friends wisely because you’ll never know kung sino sa kanila ang ahas (who among them is a snake)…

…The only snake you should keep is a custom made snakeskin Birkin bag.

Heart (Claudia) & Margaux (Solenn) : No to Yaya Mall! Yes to Polo Club!

Nova Villa: Ano ang ginagawa nyo sa Arinola ko?   Girls: (While drinking tea from the Arinola) What’s Arinola?

Rhian (Lizzie) : EHRMAGHERD! (Her version of Oh My God!)

My Rating:  Rating Sosy Problems

My Sosy Ticket!

My Sosy Ticket!


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