Being proud and happy all the time are some of the characteristics of a FILIPINO!  Being part of a country that belongs to the third world is not bad at all.  Those who are from rich countries (like USA, Japan, Korea, etc), you may think we are pitiful but actually we are not. We admit we have a lot problems in our country, population, health, poverty, employment, pollution, etc. Despite these problems we are still happy.

The Philippines is a country that is hungry of good news!  Any good news or accomplishments by a Filipino individual around the globe is already a big deal.  It serves as an inspiration to all of us.

December 2012 is a month full of accomplishments to all of us.

First, MANNY “Pacman” PACQUIAO ~ Boxing!  Manny Pacquiao is considered a hero to all of us.  He has given the Filipinos pride in all his fights.  Last December 09, he had a fight against JuanManuel Marquez (This was their 4th fight) and unfortunately he lost! However, he had found victory on how he handled himself after the fight.   He showed humility and accepeted defeat.  Manny Pacquiao will forever be known as the Pambansang Kamao (National Fist) of the Philippines!

Second, NONITO “The Iron Punch” DONAIRE ~ Boxing!  Nonito Donaire had a fight last December 15, 2012 and he won the fight. The KO’d Jorge Arce of Mexico on the 3rd round.  Nonito is the next Pacquiao in terms of accomplishments in boxing.  He has defended his title so many times and has earned different titles/belts as well.

Third, JANINE “The Cobra Walk” TUGONON ~ Beauty Pageant!  Ms. Universe is considered a very prestigious beauty pageant in the Philippines.  We always support our candidates everytime they join this contest.  And today, the Ms. Universe beauty pageant happened in  Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.  The judges for this year’s competition are Scott DisickCee Lo Green, reality star and stylist Brad GoreskiRock of Ages star Diego Boneta, Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh and former “America’s Next Top Model” panelist Nigel Barker.  Miss USA Olivia Culpo was crowned the 2012 Miss Universe and the 1st runner up is Janine.  This is already an achievement for all of us considering that not everyone get to have the chance to  be in the top 5.  Ms. Philippines is the only ASIAN country to be in the top 5.  This is also the third consecutive time that the Philippines got in the top 5.   Ms. Philippines answer to the Q&A is considered the best answer in the pageant but as we all know this is a beauty & brain contest and the other ladies also gave their best answer.

Tomorrow is said to be the end of the world according to the Mayans.  I think there are only very few people who really believe in this.   No one really knows when the world will end, that’s why we should live each day like its the end of the world! Let us all enjoy life and life it to the fullest!  We Filipinos are doing that!  Despite the trials, struggles and problems that we encounter everyday we still manage to survive.  That is also the reason why I am PROUD TO BE A FILIPINO!


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