The Cafe Mediterranean ~ Flavors Of The Sun

Cafe Mediterranean


Cafe Mediterranean is my favorite restaurant nowadays.  It is located at the Ground floor of Abreeza Mall of Davao.  They are Greece-inspired restaurant.  I often go to this place alone and it’s so peaceful there.  There are only few people who go there and that’s why I like it.  Ialso just found out that Cafe Mediterranean has other branches nationwide.  Their other branches are in: Powerplant, Rockwell; The Podium; Alabang Town Center; Greenbelt; SM Mall of Asia.

Breaded FishThe food is also delicious and cheap.  They have this so-called BUDGET MEALS that only cost you 99 pesos or $2.42 USD.   I usually order Breaded Fish.  And I just have to add 10 pesos if I want a glass of iced tea.  That’s cheap, right?

With a cozy place and delicious food. There’s nothing I could ask for. 😉

I love staying here to relax and have a date with myself. hahaha.  I don’t feel shy eating alone since there are only few people inside the restaurant.  They also play relaxing Greek music.  The place made you feel like you are in Santorini, Greece.

But if you have a lot of money and wanna try different kinds of food you can check their other menu.

Mediter (2)Mediter (4)Mediter (3)


Oh, before I forget they also have Merienda Buffet for 150 pesos or $3.67 USD.  The good thing about the buffet is that they will still cook the food for you.  They have a set of menu which you can choose your desired food.  The Merienda Buffet is available daily from 2PM to 5:30PM.

Menu for the Merienda Buffet:

Hummus, Pita, Hummus Crisps, Albodigas, Pizza Margherita, Pizza Mediterranea, Pizza Gyro, Pasta Bolognese, Pasta Mediterranea, Iced Tea and Lemonade.




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