Starbucks Philippines Planner 2013

Starbucks Planner 2013I am not really a fan of Starbucks coffee.  I just like their tumblers, especially the city/country tumblers.  I have them as my collections.  I have already posted an article about my Starbucks Tumbler collection here.

Anyway, just recently Starbucks already started their Christmas Season promo for their yearly SB planners.  Every year they give free planners to those who can collect their promo stickers and of course you need to have them on the promo card. 😉sb stickers

To be able to collect stickers we need to buy Starbucks products.  Nine (9) of which should be Holiday featured beverages.  These are:

Toffee Nut Latte (hot, iced or Frap)
Peppermint Mocha (hot, iced or Frap)
Dark Cherry Mocha (hot, iced or Frap)

Java ChipsThen we need to buy eight (8) more Starbucks Core Beverages (except bottled drinks/water/juices).  That’s a total of 17 stickers…

Wow… I am not sure if I can collect them all but I’ll try.  I just started yesterday ( Dec. 1) and I already have 2 stickers (1 promo and 1 regular).  And we also have until January 8 to collect all stickers. hahaha

For updates and more details you may visit Starbucks Philippines’ facebook page.

This is gonna be fun and expensive. 😀

Rekindle the Joy


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