I watched this movie last night at Abreeza Mall – Cinema 1.  I thought that there would only be few people who wold watch it.  I was really surprised to see a lot of people inside the cinema.  And most of them are adults.  I can only count the children. hahaha.  Perhaps a lot of us miss our childhood life then. 😀

The story starts when Jack frost opened his eyes and saw the moon.  He felt like the moon talking to him.  He didn’t know who he was and where he came from.  He saw his staff and found out that he can do magic like use snow to his own will.  He started flying and saw a village.  He was surprised coz’ when he reached the village the people didn’t notice him and they just pass through him.  That is how HIS story started!

Our world has four guardians. Santa Claus, Bunny the Easter Rabbit, Sandman and the Tooth Fairy.  They are the four guardians who protect the dreams of every child.  As long as children believe in them they will stay to protect us.  The main antagonist in the movie is the Boogeyman.  He has found a way to turn dreams into nightmares.

The Boogeyman’s first attacked the Tooth Fairy’s castle and captured all the little fairies and the tooth’s memory.  In the movie, they say that the tooth fairy keeps our teeth and hide it with our childhood memories.  In the event that we grow up and we forget our chidlhood and how happy we were, it is the Tooth Fairy’s duty to remind us.

Before the Boogeyman made the attack, the man on the moon talked to the guardians and told them that there will be a fifth guardian.  The Moon chose JACK FROST!  The Guardians then find Jack Frost and told him about the Good News.  They also need Jack Frost to help them fight the Boogeyman.  But at first, Jack doesn’t want to be a Guardian. He doesn’t like responsibilities.  But after the attack of the Boogeyman, Jack Frost found out that his memory was also stored in the Fairy Tooth’s castle.  Unfortunately his memory was taken as well by the Boogeyman.  This is where HE agreed to be part of the Guardian and help them fight the Boogeyman.

There were many battles that happened in the movie.  The battle between the Sandman and the Boogeyman.  It was like the battle between DREAMS and NIGHTMARES.  Of course NIGHTMARE won to make the story longer.  😉  During the last few moments of the Sandman, Jack Frost tried to save him but he didn’t make it on time.  Instead he showed his true power and made the Boogeyman flew away.

Since the Boogey man has captured the liitle Tooth Fairies, and defeated the Sandman.  Slowly the children were not believing anymore.   The children started having nightmares instead of dreams.  Inside Santa’s place is a globe that shows if children believe in them.  But this time the light of the children are slowly diminishing.  Their last hope is supposed to be Easter.  However due to some conflict between the Boogeyman and Jack Frost, Jack wasn’t able to help Bunny and the other Guardians deliver the easter eggs.  Children all over the world were disappointed since they couldn’t find any eggs during the easter egg hunting.  Children started not believing the Easter Bunny.

By the way, if children don’t believe in any of the Guardians ~ the Guardians will lose their powers and they can’t be seen by the children.  Like what happened to jack Frost, People don’t believe in him so he can’t be seen by anyone.  Except of course by the Guardians and the Boogeyman.

The last part of the movie is about one young boy who kept believing in everyone – Jamie.  All the children in the world lost their beliefs in the Guardians except Jamie.  So he is the last target of the Boogeyman.  However, Jack know this boy.  He played with this boy during the early part of the movie.   But of course the boy wasn’t aware that Jack is around.  He couldn’t see him since he didn’t believe in him.  jack tried to use his magic to make the boy continue believing in the Guardians.  The Boy was surprised to see a rabbit flying inside his room and suddenly snowed.  He then realized that Jack Frost is around.  The moment he thought of Jack Frost, jack suddenly became visible.   Jack was very happy.

Now the final fight is here.  Jamie to the rescue.  They try to ask help from all of Jamie’s friends to fight Boogeyman and his army of Nightmares.  Jack also realized his true powers.  Fighting the Boogeyman became so much fun and then, the Sandman came back to life.   All of them fought bravely against the Boogeyman and of course the Boogeyman has no much with a bunch of children who were brave enough to defend their dreams and hopes.

I like the movie very much since it allowed me to remember my childhood.  There may be a lot of times when the movie just showed a lot of characters talking but never the less I was really entertained. They also added a little touch of funny moments to make the viewers laugh every once in a while.  I was a little kid when I was watching this movie.   The movie made me laugh, made my tears flow (the part when Jack remembered his life before he became Jack Frost), made me jump into excitement.  It was awesome.  I think I’ve never seen a recent movie this good that talks about Christmas, Easter, Tooth Fairies and all that children believe in.  The best animated movie this year.

Here is the Official Trailer:

My rating:  4 out of 5 stars   


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