BREAKING DAWN Part 2 (Review)

Finally the long wait is over… Twilight Saga has come to an end. I am not really a fan of this movie, I have only watched Twilight and New Moon and in both movies I have slept while watching it. 😉  Now, since this is the last movie, I was actually expecting a lot from it.  I was hoping that by this time I won’t be able to sleep inside the theater. lol.

Me and my friends watched the movie earlier today at Gaisano Extreme Cinema (Cinema 1) – Lower Deck.  We paid 150 pesos for this movie.  I think the movie is boring!  During the early part of the movie, there were a lot of times when I yawned and felt sleepy but since I was with great people and ended up observing my friends reaction to the movie.

The movie is full of unknown actors, and most of them don’t know how to act well.  That’s why they remain UNKNOWNS. 😀  The CGI baby is also terrible. hahaha. It made me laugh.  The selling point of the movie is Bella-Edward-Jacob.  And again, Jacob has to take off his shirt to make the fans shout.   And yes there were a lot of people who shouted when he took off his shirt. hahaha.  So predictable.. I also wonder how the producers able to hire new actors but couldn’t show the old actors especially those in Breaking dawn 1 and Eclipse.

The highlight of the movie is the fight scene between the Vulturi and the side of Bella & Edward.  Even if it was not in the book this scene made the movie the best of the series.   There is no doubt that because of this scene the producers were able capture the heart of the non-fans of Twilight.

But again.. 80% of the movie is just ALL TALK – NO ACTION!!!

My rating: 2 out of 5 stars!!!


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