In the name of L♥VE!

I have a korean friend and she is studying here in Davao.  She has a boyfriend who stays in Antipolo.  Last Friday, November 9 her boyfriend sent her a package.  When she opened it she was surprised and allowed us to see what was inside.  Inside the package were two boxes, the 1st box was filled with a hundred paper cranes and a love letter.   The 2nd box was filled with lollipops, candies, and beautysuncoll ( a korean beauty sunsilk collagen).  The boxes were also filled with notes saying how much the korean guy loves the girl.  I was just amazed to see this kind of stuff among koreans.  I always thought they’re insensitive. lol  Years ago, I also heard that according a survey Koreans are the most preoccupied in sex people. lol 😉  That’s why seeing things like this amazes me.  I think there are only very few people who do this kind of things…. and its soo sweeettt.. Whatya think?

Say feeling shy about the gifts


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