I grew up drinking my grandmother’s coffee.  It is definitely the best coffee in the world.  When I reached college I stopped drinking coffee coz’ I moved from the province to the city.   I rarely drank coffee during my college days.  I find other kinds of coffee bland.

I thought I had forgotten how to love coffee.  Few years after I graduated from college, I managed to get a job in a BPO environment.  I needed to work on a graveyard shift. That means working from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM.  It was my first time to have this kind of work and to be totally awake at night.  The schedule was breaking me into pieces.  Good thing that there was coffee.. Free Flow..  Coffee kept me awake the entire time.  I managed to overcome my new lifestyle and schedule.  I started drinking at least 4 cups of coffee every night.  Coffee became my new bestfriend.

My Birthday Tumbler

After like a year in the BPO industry, my Manager (Deepak) gave me my first Starbucks tumbler as a birthday gift.  I don’t really like drinking coffee from coffee shops.  I find it very impractical. It’s very expensive.  Yes, the taste is different but it’s still coffee.. I think there is no difference between their coffee and the one in the Vendos. lol

After I got my first starbucks tumbler, I find drinking coffee different if its being drank from an ordinary tumbler and from a starbucks tumbler.  Drinking it from a Starbucks Tumbler made the coffee tastes even better. 😉  I also found out then that starbucks sell City/Country Tumblers.  So, I decided to buy one but it was expensive.  It was something you just can’t buy normally. lol

I tried saving and hoped that someone would give me one in any special occasion like Christmas  or Birthday. hahaha

Singapore Starbucks Tumbler

But… No one gave me… In December on that same year, i got the chance to go to Singapore for a tour.  I enjoyed
SG very much and would love to stay there longer.  I roam around SG and searched anything I could buy for myself and then I remember the Starbucks Tumblers.  I visited a Starbucks store in Orchard and bought my Singapore Tumbler.  Guess what? When you buy a tumbler you get free coffee.  If you are from the Philippines, this is something new coz’ the tumblers here in the Philippines are bought separately, no free coffee. 😉

From then on, I said goodbye to my Birthday Tumbler and started using my SG tumbler.  It feels so cool when you use a tumbler that’s not bought in the Philippines. lol 😉

I forgot how much was it. Maybe it was $18 (Singapore Dollars).  So, maybe it was P600+ pesos.

England Starbucks Tumbler

After a few months, I decided to stop working in a BPO industry.  I resigned and returned to my hometown -DAVAO.  We don’t have any starbucks stores in Davao yet by that time.  Fortunately, I have a friend – Joanna who went to London to have a vacation.  She asked me what I wanted for as a pasalubong when she returns. I told her ~ just a London Starbucks tumbler.  When she came back, she didn’t buy the London Tumbler I requested coz’ there were no more stocks in the store that she went to.  Instead, she gave me my England Starbucks Tumbler. 😀

She told me that when she bought it, it also had free coffee but she had to drink it coz’ she couldn’t bring the coffee here. lol

Koln Starbucks Tumbler

I have another friend who was from Germany. She is Lovely.  Not the adjective but thats her name.. lol  She came here with her boyfriend, she also asked me what I wanted as pasalubong.  Since she is studying in Germany, she doesn’t have enough money to buy me a starbucks tumbler.  Instead I told her that I would just pay her here once she arrives.  When she arrived, she gave me a Koln Starbucks Tumbler (read as Cologne).  Actually it was her boyfriend that gave it to me.  As I was about to pay him, he said it was his gift to me.. Wahhhh. How sweet. hahaha So, thank you Simon.

Manila Starbucks Tumbler

I noticed that I’ve been getting foreign Starbucks tumblers.  It’s not that I dont want ’em buy hey… I am a Filipino.. I am from the Philippines but I don’t have Ph Starbucks Tumblers!  Luckily, another good friend of mine.. IDA, went to Manila for a week just to go shopping with her Korean friend and when she came back she surprised me with a Manila Starbucks Tumbler as her pasalubong. Wahhhhhhhh! Yeheey! Thank You!!!

I planned to buy this tumbler when get the chance to go to Manila.  But I don’t need to buy this anymore. 😉  I got it for Free. 😀 and from a FRIEND…

This same friend also gave me my Davao Starbucks Tumbler as a Christmas present.  i am so lucky to have a friend like her. 😀

Thank you Ida!

Cebu & Davao Starbucks Tumblers

My last tumbler was bought in Cebu City.  I stayed and worked in Cebu for three years but I never bought the tumbler.  It was only last year (2011) when I had the chance to visit Cebu again that I bought my Cebu Starbucks Tumbler.  I bought it for 495 pesos.  I was a bit expensive considering that my pay nowadays are way lower than my pay when I was in Cebu. hahaha

Now, I still try to collect different Starbucks Tumblers from all over the world.  I try to inform my friends who work abroad that if they return to the Philippines, they just have to bring me a Starbucks tumbler from their place.

How about you? What’s your collection?


9 thoughts on “My STARBUCKS TUMBLERS

    • Hi Ferdz,

      Yes. may mga nadagdag na akong bagong tumblers. Pero di ko kasi binibenta. Ginagamit ko lahat. hahaha.
      Try mo join sa FB na group for Starbucks Tumbler collections marami nagbebenta dun… Mukhang legit naman ang karamihan. 😀 😉

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