TIKTIK: The Aswang Chronicles (Review)

TIKTIK: The Aswang Chronicles

Last Night, me and my sisters watched “TIKTIK: The Aswang Chronicles”.  The main reason why we decided to watch this movie is because this is something new in the Philippines.  They say that the production just rented a huge warehouse and turned it to a green studio.  All the scenes were taken in this studio.  This movie is made of special effects which is somewhat amazing knowing that this is done here in the Philippines.

The movie stars Dingdong Dantes and Lovi Poe who are lovers in this movie.  Dingdong is an easy go lucky guy here and doesn’t have any sense of responsibility.  That is why when Lovi got pregnant she decided to go back to her province and left Dingdong.  This is where the movie started when Dingdong was trying to win back Lovi by going after her in the province.

By trying to win her back, Dingdong tried to impress Lovi by buying her a pig for her birthday the following day.  But what Dingdong didn’t know is that he bought a mysterious pig.  You should watch out its transformation.  Dingdong and Lovi were accompanied by great actors like Joey Marquez as Lovi’s Dad, Janice de Belen as Lovi’s mom, Roi Vinzon the Aswang leader, LJ Reyes as one of the aswangs, Ramon Bautista as Joey’s assistant.

I believe Joey Marquez and Janice de Belen stood out in this movie.  They may not be the lead actors but their performances outshine Lovi and Dingdong’s.  The best scene in the movie is when Janice was attacked by one of the aswangs and Joey was too scared to save here, instead he tried grabbing Janice but the aswang grabbed her back.  Spolier:  Janice died in the movie and her death made Joey went wild and did hilarious things (this is something to eatch out for). The attack of Erik Matti (director) in this movie really amazes me.  Most horror movies are serious and full of fake scare but this movie is funny in a serious way.  Horror+Comedy is the genre I could think for this movie.  The movie also introduces Filipino beliefs about the Aswangs and how to fight them.

I have been watching Filipino movies and there were a lot of times when I got disappointed after watching the movies.  It would take forever to list down all of those movies.  But TIKTIK is something worth watching.  For 135 pesos (SM Lanang) it’s all worth it.  I can never ask for more. lol

Most Filipinos nowadays watch movies because of the Lead actors/actresses which should not be.  The top grossing film of all time in the Philippines is a comedy movie and I find it boring and senseless.  I really wonder why people watched it.  I think publicity and too much hype about the movie made moviegoers curious and made them watched it.

Anyway, I heard that this film got invitations from different international award giving bodies.  I hope this movie would be given the right recognition coz’ this is something we PINOYS should be proud of.  Aside from the fact that this movie is about our culture and superstitious beliefs, the makers are 100% pinoy.  Actors.. production.. editing… effects.. PINOY.. Galing!!

me & my sister

KUDOS to the producers, actors and the director – Erik Matti…

From me and my sisters… 2 thumbs up for this film!

Those who haven’t watched this movie, please watch it now.  To help you decide, you may visit http://www.theaswangchronicles.com/  or watch the trailers:



12 thoughts on “TIKTIK: The Aswang Chronicles (Review)

  1. binayaran ka ba ng producers? we watched it yesterday and all of us (we were 8) were disappointed with the movie. The storyline is dragging and hard to believe.
    They focused on the effects and neglected the storyline. The effects actually is not that polished if you’ll compare it to any Hollywood movies. I won’t recommend this movie.

    • Hi Joel,

      Hindi ako binayaran… I fyou have read my post. I am from Davao and its very IMPOSSIBLE for the producers to come here and pay me something para epraise ang movie.
      We have our own taste in watching movies… same with people we like.. Beauty is subjective… What you think is beautiful may not be beautiful to me. I respect your opinion about the movie… I am not comparing this movie to any hollywood films. We are in the PHILIPPINES and marami pang kakaining bigas ang mga film makers natin para maka level ang Hollywood filmmakers.

      Pero sa acting department naman.. bawi ang local actors and actresses natin. Anyway, balik tayo sa TIKTIK.. This is the first kasi in the Philippines na gumamit ng green background throughout the entire movie.. Kahit anong pinoy films na gumagamit ng effects before this movie ay walang binatbat. Sumang ayon ka man o hindi. Basta kami ng kapatid ko, we enjoyed it..

      Kasi dapat in the first place open minded ka kapag nagwawatch ng movie.Dont go to the cinema para punahan ang movie.. Insteaf, try to enjoy the film.

      Yes, there is still a lot of things na dapat iimprove sa movie… but its worth watching para sa amin… Sorry sa inyong walo.. 😉 peace ya!

  2. This was a gutsy film which deserves some credit…puro na lang tayo love stories nila John Lloyd o comedy ni Kimidora…at least something fresh…we can outlook the flaws and appreciate this as is…an experimental and risky move….expect things to improve of course…

    • i agree John.. For a Catholic country nga, di ko iniexpect that people would patronize a story about mistresses and indecent affairs. halos na yata ng mga movies now, yan ang plot. This is really something new… Sana more of this kind pa. Same with the Road. Hindi man xa pumatok maxado dito sa Philippines, but its also something new. Mabuti pa yung taga ibang bansa narecognize yun.. :D:D:D

  3. Agree ako sa first comment. Boring ang movie. If effects ang pagbasehan nila, meron talaga ibubuga to pero story wise i don’t find it exciting. And to the last comment, bakit if ang theme ay indecent affairs against agad sa christian teaching? Think about it, tiktik also talks about demon. Then balik tayo sa second comment, nirerebut mo yung sariling statement mo na dapat “open-minded ka sa pagwawatch ng movie”. Sa last comment mo, naging one-sided ka.

    • Hi Julie,

      Thanks for dropping by. 😀 Tiktik is just something new, yeah story wise its another typical pinoy story. Na exagerate lang becoz of the use of the “green background” and the effects. I still love it! 😉 This is just the start. There are a lot of rooms pa para sa improvement. And maybe this movie is also an awakening para sa other film outfits. Imagine, this movie is not from STAR CINEMA, yet nagHIT!!! Its all about word-of-mouth. Maybe marami din nagandahan, same way na maybe a lot also got disappointed coz’ of too much expectations and the hype. Pero I still like it. I grew up kasi in an aswang environment. hahaha I mean, yun panakot sa amin, and nakakarelate ako sa palabas. 😀

      Indecent affairs is really against christian teachings. I am not saying na bad ang movie. I am actually planning to watch it. What I actually meant was, most of the movie producers are riding on with the success of No Other Woman. And recently andami ng movies na parehas ang theme. My Neighbors Wife, A Secret Affair, The Mistress, No Other Woman. I am not against the movie’s theme, what I don’t like is that PARE-PAREHAS na po. We, the viewers nawawalan na ng options. At like I said, I never thought na mag hit ang ganitong klaseng movies kasi, Catholic country nga tayo. d ba? 😉

      I am not being one sided. Maybe my mind is just too wide-open. hahaha. Peace po! Mabuhay ang Pelikulang Pilipino.

  4. Hi Jazper,

    I agree. Ang movie na ito bago para sa atin.. Dapat maging proud tayo dito… Sa mga nagsasabing boring ito. Well, opinyon po ninyo yan. Tsaka sa dami ng nangyari sa movie, hindi ka babagutin. Ang saya kaya! Sana may part 2.

  5. I went to see the movie with high expectations because of reviews such as this. Yes, the movie delivered when it comes to effects but the movie is realllllly booooorrrrring!!!! Even my kids who were with me became antsy after 15 minutes of the movie. They had longer attention spans to some advertisements on TV. I guess thay paid too much on the effects that they paid pittance to the writers; ergo the lack of an interesting storyline.. This movie is a waste of more than a hundred bucks.

    • Hi Pearl!

      I respect your opinion… Siguro iba iba lang panlasa natin sa mga pelikula… I also informed my other friends about the movie and so far ok naman sa kanila.
      Kanya kanya lang cguro talagang trip yan! 😀

      Let’s just support PINOY MOVIES!!!

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