Our way of supporting Jessica Sanchez!

All the recent past 3 American Idol winners were boys who are not worthy to mention, they have not even made a name for themselves up to now, hardly sold albums. As Simon usually said: “forgettable, boring, and amateurish”, they all are, and now Phillip. I could have chose Joshua over Phillip or even Colton (if that’s the case). Come on! Where’s musicality, soul and versatility of these guys? Let’s talk about real talent, can we? These guys have not even given me any goosies in any of their performances. PREDICTABLY BORING!

 Jessica should have won this season considering her talent, versatility, voice range, potentials, world-wide appeal, etc., etc. Check youtube, twitter, blogs, facebook, and other social networking where Jessica is lauded, leading, Jessica is much talked about across america and all-over the world! That’s the real indication of real talent. This AI winning trend will put AI to trash.  According to a news article I read:  Sanchez had a 17 percent lead in Yahoo! searches and generated 60 percent more mentions in social media than Phillips, according to a survey by analytics company General Sentiment.  I’m really wondering as well why didn’t they announce how many votes did Philip and Jessica get. 😦

Anyway, the winner has been DECLARED.. Philip may have the AMERICAN IDOL title but JESSICA SANCHEZ just won the WORLD. I think it’s safe to say that she is the FIRST WORLD IDOL… She has won the hearts of her MILLION FANS all over the WORLD… The real battle officially starts with the release of their first album.. Its AMERICAN IDOL vs. WORLD IDOL!!!



I really don’t know why I started growing my “pinky nail”.  I think I just wanted to test how long can I grow my fingers.  I tried doing it with my thumb but it didn’t work. I use a QWERTY mobile phone so I need both my thumbs to be nail-free. (lol) I think that’s why I decided to grow it using my little finger.  It started last November of 2011, that was the time when I cut all the other nails on my finger and left the nail on my little finger. 😀   I was really afraid if something bad might happen.  Just imagine if the nail would be taken off accidentally.. OUuuuuuuuuch!!! That would be CRAZY!!! That was my biggest fear while growing it.   It was not also easy protecting it, I tried to cover it using my ring finger for protection.  There were a lot of instances where in it was almost cut or torn by something. I was really proud showing my finger to all my friends. None of them could grow their finger like I did.  hahaha

BUT!!!! All good things must come to an end… On May 5, 2012 I noticed a little crack on my finger.  I thought it was just a scratch but  as the day went by, the cracked became bigger (see the photo).   There was nothing I could do. 😦  This is the end.  I tried to keep it like that and continue doing my daily routine.  And without knowing it, the nail suddenly disappeared.  I only noticed it after I ate lunch. I couldn’t find my NAIL. wahhhhhhhhhh.

My NAIL left me.. and I wasn’t able to say bye~bye…